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"Greetings! I received my painting
a few weeks ago and just want to let
you know I am very pleased with it. It
was beautifully wrapped and arrived
in perfect condition. The painting itself
is gorgeous and I had it professionally
framed and hung above my fireplace. It
is a wonderful addition to my home.
Thank you for the excellent customer
service and fast delivery. Many
blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Wang Yan Guang, 王延广,笔名雪松,号松龄山人,出生于文化底蕴浓厚的山东淄博。 毕业于中国书画函授大学,早年受蒙于山水画家王来夏,师从于笔墨大师赵振科(晨鹤)、著名彩墨画家曾刚,中国冰雪画艺术研究院院长赵春秋。 现为中国冰雪画艺术研究院特聘画家 ... (View More)
Wang Yan Guang Chinese Painting wyg11084002 Wang Yan Guang Chinese Painting wyg11084001
Wu Mei, 伍梅,1978年出生,籍贯河南。 师从中国美术百杰王素芬大师学习绘画,后来以开封市专业第一名的成绩考入河南省工艺美术学院,为了更出色的学习绘画技巧,曾数次到专业美术学院进修学习,丰富艺术理论知识和绘画技术技巧。 有着坚实的绘画基础 ... (View More)
Wu Mei Chinese Painting wm11114001 Wu Mei Chinese Painting wm11114002
Zhang Yue Gang, 张月岗,号澄心斋主,1970年生,河北石家庄人。 1992年毕业于河北师大国画系,受教钟长生、于金才等老师; 1994年在进修于中国艺术研究院高研班; 1996年后一直从事艺术事业,以太行山为创作主体逐步形成博大厚重、苍茫高古的山水画风。 现为北京 ... (View More)
Zhang Yue Gang Chinese Painting zyg11115001 Zhang Yue Gang Chinese Painting zyg11115002
Zhang Zhao Bing, 张照兵,字照斌,号上庄居士。1987年出生于广西桂林。 中国美术家协会会员。毕业于广西艺术学院美术系,后进入中国人民大学画院进修。师从白晓军,皮志忠,张复兴。 现任见闲堂文化公司艺术总监、广州东品国际拍卖有限公司国画艺术监督主任、 ... (View More)
Zhang Zhao Bing Chinese Painting zzb11116001 Zhang Zhao Bing Chinese Painting zzb11116002
Wan Ji Peng, alias Molin householder, was born in Tengzhou of Shandong Province. He studied Chinese painting in Shandong University of Arts, and then went to Central Academy of Fine Arts for advanced studies after graduation. Wan follows nature and traditions of Chinese painting, trying to make his works to be true-to-life. He is especially skilled in ... (View More)
Wan Ji Peng Chinese Painting 1165001 Wan Ji Peng Chinese Painting 1165002
Wang Yu Liang, was born in Mudanjiang of Heilongjiang Province in 1958. He majored in Chinese painting in Northeast Normal University in his early days, and then took refresher course that is offered by Chinese Artists Association in 2006. Wang now is the Director of Traditional Chinese Painting Painters Institute of China, the Vice-chairman of Jidong A ... (View More)
Liu Kun, alias Haoyuan or hedong, that was born in 1967. Now he is part of Weihai Artists Association, deputy secretary general of Weihai Young Artists Institute and Artists Association of Economic-Technical Development Zone of Weihai. Held first personal exhibition in Harbin in 1995, over 80 artworks were on show. When he studied in Luxun Acad ... (View More)
Liu Kun Chinese Painting 1167001 Liu Kun Chinese Painting 1167002
Xie Pei Fa, was born in 1944. Engaged in Chinese painting over sixty years, he ever learnt from famous artist Ye Lvmei who is skilled in landscape painting, Zhang Guozheng and Yang Taiyang who is the dean of Guangxi Arts Institute,. Now Xie is part of Guiin Academy and Guangxi Artists Association, and the director of Guilin Chinese Painting and Calli ... (View More)
Xie Pei Fa Chinese Painting 1168001 Xie Pei Fa Chinese Painting 1168002
Li Zong Jun, 李宗峻,1962年生,桂林人,职业画家,现为桂林美术协会会员,桂林山水研究会理事。 擅长山水,风格独特,笔法细腻、厚重 。作品雅俗共赏,意境深遂,画风甜美给人以身临其境的感觉,富有生活气息。画家勤于思考、学习古法,极力将地域民俗文化融 ... (View More)
Li Zong Jun Chinese Painting lzj11146001 Li Zong Jun Chinese Painting lzj11146002
Lu Jing, alias Shifang householder, an accomplished contemporary artist, that was born in Henan in 1958. He was given the top award of 1st Communist Classic Arts Achievement Award for Famous Artists that was held for celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and the title “The Contemporary Famous Artist ... (View More)
Lu Jing Chinese Painting 1169002 Lu Jing Chinese Painting 1169004
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