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We are honored to have received a lot of praises for our service and Chinese paintings from our respectful guests from all over the world. Here are just a few of them:

Hi Anna,
Looks amazing, It,si very beatifull.
Thank you!
José Cercós (2022-8-18)

Dear Anna,
The painting is fine. Pls proceed. Thank you.
Ramesh (2022-8-18)

Thank you! It looks awesome!
Greyson (2022-8-15)

It is wonderful. May I please have it on the grey silk you described. I'm also interested in priority shipping.
Please tell the artist I am so appreciative and pleased.
Shannon (2022-7-20)

Hi Anna
The painting, painted by your outstanding artist Huang YI.arrived today, faster than what I was expecting.
It was neatly rolled and packed.
I wanted it for my office but because it is so beautiful, I placed it in my living room. and most likely I have to buy another painting.
Thank you very much for your great service,
Shawn Baenziger
You may publish my comment.
Shawn (2022-7-5)

Hi dear Anna,
I’m very happy to hear from You that the artist finished drawing. You can tell him the result is great! I’m very satisfying the pairing.
Yes, I’d like to have some calligraphies, cover some seal and sign on the painting where he feel like it.
Best regards
Damien Wu (2022-6-13)

Elaine, Please tell Yang Baolong that we love the painting. We deeply appreciate the adjustments he made and how well you communicated to him what we wanted.
With gratitude,
Henry (2022-5-23)

Hi Anna
That looks amazing. I love it.
I'll let the artist decide what the inscription is.
Thomas (2022-5-19)

Hi Elaine,
It’s beautiful!
Thank you thank you
Lucille (2022-4-30)

The paintings look fine. Please have the artist inscribe, sign and stamp with red ink.
Mary (2022-4-30)

Hi Lynee,
Everything seems fine. Thanks!
Abel (2022-4-14)

Hi Anna,
yes this is fine. Thank you.
Arundhati Sen (2022-4-13)

Hi Anna,
This is good. Thanks!
Eric (2022-4-12)

Hello Anna,
They are very nice. Please pass my gratitude to Artist Liang Hui.
Effi Jono (2022-4-3)

Elaine — I am letting you know that I have received the shipment and inspected it. It is in satisfactory condition.
Thank you very much for coordinating. Also, please, pass on my gratitude to the artist. Thank you for doing your very best to attend to my wishes. I am very happy with the final product. In fact, I think it is a lot better than the one in the catalog:
— serene, understated mood and not an overly cheerful illustration
— the spent leaves and flowers are beautiful in their honesty as they bring the element of time and unavoidable cycle of life vs. one-dimensional snapshot of perfection
—less contrast, subdued hues are more authentic vs, trying too hard to look pretty
So, thank you very much and best regards
Alexandra (2022-3-29)

Hi Anna,
I agree! Please have Liu Zhixian continue to draw these paintings. They look wonderful! Agreed that it's best to let the artist embrace their own creativity and to not limit their natural talent.
Thanks so much for all the help!
Sarah (2022-3-3)

Dear Anna,
Wonderful! This looks good. And yes, we'd love for the artist to sign, inscribe, and stamp the original. Thank you!!
Emmeline (2022-2-28)

Perfect !Beautiful! I love it
Viviana (2022-2-20)

Thank you, Anne. It looks good. Please send my appreciation to Mr. Huang Yun Hong.
Kind regards,
Vincenta (2022-2-7)

Looks great Elaine!
Thank you,
Ashley Connell (2022-2-7)

Thanks, it looks good. We will leave the inscription to the artist.
Ellery (2022-2-6)

Looks great - thank you for sending!
Ellery (2022-2-4)

Hi Anna,

This looks great. I look forward to seeing the other two when they are completed. Thank you.
Ellery (2022-1-29)

Hi Anna - The paintings look great!! Please proceed with inscription and scroll mounting. Thanks!!
Sarah (2022-1-16)

Hi Anna - This looks great! Yes, please have Wang Qing continue with the two multi-color plum

blossoms. Please request for the two remaining paintings be 90-95% similar as this first painting.
Sarah (2022-1-10)

Hi Anna - These are absolutely perfect! Thanks Anna! And thank you again for all of your excellent
customer service :)
Sarah (2022-1-4)

Hi Elaine,
I wanted to thank you for helping me get this beautiful painting. It did arrive before Christmas which was a great surprise. I really appreciate all your help. Please thank the artist again; it is perfect.
Best regards,
Paul Hines (2021-12-26)

Hi Elaine,
Thank you for the preview. The painting is beautiful. Please tell the artist I am very happy with it.
Best regards,
Paul Hines (2021-12-8)

Thanks, this is great! Remember the get the artist to inscribe, sign and stamp according to the original pictures.
BenTan (2021-10-20)

Thank you so much! It’s perfect!!
I am so sorry to ask the artist what I want, it’s sacrilegious, without my intervenion his paintings have so much power to convey. His paintings have purity and mystery.
Thank you to both of you, Anna!
My Best Regards,
Vaida (2021-10-05)

Hi Anna - These look incredible! Very well done, thank you!
I've spent the day looking at both of them, and honestly both are beautiful. I would be happy to receive both of them as 2 out of the 3 paintings for large Composition 1.
Sarah (2021-09-26)

Dear Anna,
It's already the second picture of my favourite artist I am ordering. This one is no less marvellous, with the
pale moon in the distance. Do you have it ready or the artist would paint it again? I will soon send you the
pictures of that previous painting of Yang Boo Long which I bought - it is already hanging in the
meditation hall and gives such a calm and serene vibe. Thank you.
Vaida (2021-09-26)

The redrawn painting is perfect.I am happy to accept it.
Take care of yourself, dear friend.
Margaret (2021-09-06)

This looks wonderful!Thank you! These all look great to me!
Keoni (2021-09-02)

Hi Anna,
we do like the painting although we liked the mountains in the background in the original painting better.
Please let the artist inscribe, sign and seal the painting.
Kind regards
Juliane Heimann (2021-08-30)

Thank you! Very nice.
We now need to pick the silk scroll—what color does the artist think is best?
Thank you
Heidi (2021-08-30)

Hi Anna,
All good.
Please request the artist to inscribe, sign and seal the original painting.Thanks.
David (2021-08-20)

Thank you Elaine!
I love it! I'm ok with the original words written on there.
So how long does it usually take from here to get hanging scroll and then to ship?
Thank you very much for your help!
Greyson (2021-08-17)

Hi, Anna!
This painting is perfect, and I am happy to accept it. Please have the artist inscribe, sign and seal it before it
goes for mounting.
My apologies if I am late with this response. We are having days of storms here and lose power when trees
fall and break the lines, and have to wait for power to be restored. Again my apologies.
I look forward to hearing from you again. Please stay well.
Margaret (2021-08-16)

Hello, Anna!
This painting is good, and I am pleased to accept it.
And yes, please, I would appreciate it for the artist to inscribe, sign and seal the painting.
Thank you for your assistance, and my thanks to the artist also.
Margaret (2021-08-13)

Hi Elaine,
That looks perfect, yes just get the artist to sign and seal with the original description?"雄风万里Steeds Gallop"
on it like the original one.
Thank you
Ryan (2021-07-22)

Hi Anna,
Thanks. That was really fast work by the artist.
So that picture is exactly?the same painting done?
Please inscribe, sign and seal the painting. It can be the original inscription
Alan Lee (2021-07-16)

I am good with changes.
Please have all artists inscribe,sign and seal before sending the painting and the two calligraphies to me.
Sammy (2021-07-15)

Both calligraphies are good.
Sammy (2021-07-02)

Hi Elaine
That is fine, thanks. The painting looks very nice.
Yours sincerely
Marc Stauffacher (2021-05-25)

Thanks Anna,
We like the result, Thanks.
Nathalie (2021-05-17)

Hello Elaine,
The painting arrived safely, after you careful packaging and my partner is clearly delighted with it.
Thank you so much,
Sarah (2021-05-14)

perfect. thank you。
Edward Kelly (2021-05-10)

Well noted with thanks!
Jean Zheng (2021-05-10)

Hello Elaine,
The painting is very beautiful and goes beyond our expectation! My husband and I are very pleased with the artist's masterful work.
Colleen (2021-05-03)

Looks fantastic.  He did outstanding job.  Thank you.
Strider (2021-04-22)

泽黎上 (2021-04-06)

Dear Anna,
Please give my deep gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Yang Bao Long for his wonderful picture!
We received it today and it is just fascinating! 
Mr. Long's picture will be hung on the wall in the meditation room - it will give the place that calm and serene ambience.
Thank you very much, Anna, for your ever so kind communication and patience. 
I hope we meet again in your virtual gallery which is so beautiful and welcoming. 
Once again, my deep gratitude to both the Artist and you. Thank you for "Fisherman's song"!
Kindest Regards, 
Vaida (2021-04-06)

Hello, Lynee,
I just received the painting. It looks great. Thank you.
Gang Guo (2021-04-04)

Hi Elaine,
Thanks, it looks great! It would be great to include an inscription about the seasons, but I will leave it to the artist to decide what would most fit the art.
Also, regarding the mounting of the paintings, is it possible to customize the space we leave around the paintings for both sets?
Carylyne (2021-03-25)

Wow, it looks like a true piece of art! Impressive.
We are very happy with your regular updates, really appreciated.
If we like the work once it's on our walls, we will probably choose some more paintings for other places in our house, so you will be happy to have us as customers.
Have a lovely weekend!
Nathalie (2021-03-20)

Thanks Anna, looks stunning.
I would suggest there is some room on the top. 
Maybe you could ask the painter to inscribe “to Nathalie and Peter” in the top left corner, and his name and sat in the top right corner?Would that make sense?
Many thanks
Nathalie  (2021-03-25)

Thanks Anna, the result looks amazing!
It’s Fabulous, and please relay this back to the artist from our behalf, it’s exactly what we were hoping it to look.
Of course, happy to follow his advice re. signature and stamp.
When can we expect to have it arrived here? 
Thanks so much and have a great week ahead
Nathalie (2021-03-15)

Hi Elaine, 
The painting is good. And I choose Light Cream. Looking forward to the painting!
Maryanne (2021-03-12)

Dear Anna,  Now it is excellent! Thank you so very much! My Best Wishes to the artist。
Thank you very much for everything, Anna. Then I am looking forward to the arrival of this beauty. 
Vaida (2021-03-08)

It is beautiful ... I’m very happy with the final result .
Peter (2021-03-05)

Hi The painting looks good to us.  The fish looks very lively and spirited.
Great, thank you so much for your meticulous follow up.  Let’s keep in touch!
Best wishes,
Jessie  (2021-03-04)

It’s wonderful.  I’m very happy and excited to have it in my home!  
Yes, I would love his inscription and stamp.  Whatever he thinks is best
Thank you for working so hard with me to produce this wonderful painting.
Mary Harpen (2021-03-03)

很期待能近距离欣赏画家的作品。时间长一点没有关系的;有您把关,觉得非常放心,期待也变成一种享受! 我有一个问题请问。这次有幸能和您合作,我觉得特别满意,非常难得。我在想,将来我很可能还会向贵画廊选购作品的,不知有没有和您直接联系的方法?那样的话我会更有信心。 祝您春安!
泽黎 (2021-02-27)

Anna, I received the 4th painting today, and will get it in for framing next week. Already have two of them framed. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you,
Eric (2021-02-27)

Hello Anna,
Yes please, would love it with the same inscription as original.Please confer my thanks & appreciation to Artist Zhou.

Kind regards,
mellisa (2021-02-25)

Dear Anna,
They are beautiful, could you send them to me thanks?

Hi Anna

I have good news. This morning (19th of February) I received the painting. The package left the transit area in Guangzhou on the 18th of February at 5:33 am with a flight to Köln in Germany. I don’t know why the package was more than 10 days in Guangzhou. Probably because of Chinese new year? Anyway I received the painting now and most important – the painting is in an excellent condition and I’m satisfied and very happy with it. Thank you very much for your help and support.

I wish you all the best.
Hansjörg (2021-02-20)

Looks just wonderful. we are finished. please send tracking number of shipping.

Kelly (2021-01-28)

Dear Anna,

It looks amazing! Please thank the artist!!

Yes, please can I have the stamp and signature from the artist and I would love an inscription. I’m actually

half Chinese myself, and really appreciate notions of family and good health and happiness - maybe

something along those lines?

I am so happy with the result of this I can’t explain!

Best wishes,

Venetia Baring (2021-01-20)

I will defer to the artist. I like Taoist and tai chi type themes or symbols, but will defer to the artist as to what would work best.

They are beautiful.
Thank you.
Eric (2021-01-18)

画很好,看着没问题, 谢谢,

王颢程 (2021-01-15)

Yes, I received it. It looks great. Yes please have the artist finalize with the inscription and seal.

Thank you!
Luk (2020-12-11)

Looks great!

thank you so much! Anna.

Tiong Hian (2020-11-27)

Hello Anna,

My apologies for the delayed response in getting back to you. I wanted to wait until we had the opportunity to frame and mount the painting.

Please let painter Li Yong Quan know that we love the painting and it is the centrepiece of our home and the first thing we see when we walk through the door. I have included a picture of the final product.

Thank you very much for all your help and careful guidance throughout the process.

Best Regards,

Hi Anna,

Just wanted to follow up and show you the framed painting - it took some time to get the frame so I haven't been able to put it up until a few days ago. It looks wonderful above my bed and am super grateful for how it turned out. Thank you so much again!


Dear Anna

Looks very beautiful. All OK.
Thank you!.
J. Loidolt(2020-10-12)

Dear Anna
yesterday we received the paintings. They look great!
Thank you very much for the great support and the very smooth transaction!
I can only recommend you further to my friends and relatives!
Best wishes
Jens Loidolt (2020-11-06)

Hi Anna,

Looks great!

Hi lynee,

Both paintings looks amazing! Yes, i need the artist’s inscription, signature and stamp. I have no specific requirement for the inscription. Thanks! Ping Sun(2020-09-21)

Best Regards,

Hi Anna ,我訂制的畫框終於到了,現在把畫掛上與妳分享!謝謝.

Ping Sun(2020-09-21)

Dear Anna,

I have attached the painting in my living room! It’s perfect!
Thank you!

Regards, Evelyn(2020-09-12)

Hi Anna,

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for - it is so gorgeous!! Please give Chen my many many thanks as it turned out far better than I expected!

Edward Chow(2020-09-14)

I received my dragon paintings! They are beautiful!!!

Lisa T (2020-09-04)

Hi Anna,

Great news... my paintings came in and they are absolutely stunning! Truly beautiful and I am very happy with them. I will be having them framed soon and will send you photos when I hang them so you can put them up on your website if you would like. Again, I am thrilled with the beauty of the paintings!

Thank you Anna,

Diane :)

Diane Inglesby(2020-08-27)

Hi Anna

This is great! Thank you so much! I will send the balance payment tomorrow morning. Please thank the artist, I am so happy with his work!! He is so talented!

Sent from my iPhone

WISIT PRAPONG(2020-07-16)

Hi Anna,

I received the first set of paintings, and they were even more beautiful than I had expected! Thank you and the artist so much!! Sent from my iPhone

WISIT PRAPONG(2020-08-27)

Hi Anna,

Could the same artist do 2 more paintings in the same size and same style as the first 2, cream background, with different birds and flowers?

He can do any kind of composition so that all 4 pictures look nice together.

WISIT PRAPONG(2020-07-24)

Hi Anna,

These are beautiful birds! I will send payment shortly.

Thank you so much and stay safe out there!! :)


WISIT PRAPONG(2020-08-10)

Hi Anna,

That’s great, looks beautiful all in. Is the artist going to stamp it?


Hang Ru(2020-07-16)

Hi Anna,

I just received the painting today.

The painting is lovely! There are a few hair like stuff trapped between the painting and the mounting hope it’s not too obvious and distracting after framing up, other than that the quality is good.

Just want to also say, appreciate your fast and professional response all along, thank you much!


Hang Ru (2020-08-12)

Hello Anna,

Thank you very much for your message. The painting is beautiful. We are very happy with it. Please thank painter Li Yong Quan for his hard work. We really like the detail of the reflection in the waterfall as well as the nuanced texture of the clouds in the upper right hand corner of the painting.

Best Regards,

Stephen Castelino(2020-07-24)

Hi Ping,

ID 2319006已经重画好,请查看附件,谢谢!







Hi Anna, 今天一早就收到畫了,非常漂亮馬上掛在客廳並與妳分享,謝謝妳的幫忙!



Dear Anna,

It’s beautiful!

Please let me know once you arrange for shipment.

Thank you!



Good afternoon,

I received my painting and I love it. Thank you for your help!

Kayla Lopez (2020-07-17)

Hi Anna,

I received the painting in perfect condition and I'm very happy with it.

I'm having it framed tomorrow so we can enjoy it for a long time.
I will be sure to let others know how much I like the painting and the high level of service I received.
All the best,
Annejet (2020-07-09)

Hello, Lynee,

I finally received my painting. The packaging is solid. The painting is spectacular and gorgeous. It’s beyond my expectations.

This is third painting I bought from you, and they all perfect. Thank you Lynee.
To Bing Qin, you are a talented and fantastic artist, thank you so much. I really appreciate your creative masterpiece.
Gang Guo (2020-06-08 10:51)

Dear Lynee

I wish to thank you for your tremendous great help in getting us the fine painting from Teacher Ouyang.
It’s a very nice painting and we had the best customer service from you. We all like it very much:
Thank you once again,

Best regards,
Jessie (2019.4.1)

Dear Lynee:

We received the picture and the album. The picture is perfect. We will treasure the picture album.
Thank you again for everything. We are looking forward to getting more of these fantastic works of art in the future.

Nha To. (2019.3.26)

Hi Lynee

Just received the item . Really happy with the painting .

Soe (2018.9.3, Australia)

Hi Lynee,
I just received the painting delivered to me just an hour ago. It was nice and very carefully packed.
The artist is very professional and did the painting to every detail.
The painting was beautifully done and I be very glad to recommend to my family and friends.
Thank you,
Your sincerely,
Patrick Lee. (2018.8.27)


I just want to let you know that the package is received. Everything is in perfect shape and the graphics really surpassed my expectations. I appreciate your job and for sure will be back soon to order more arts.

Thank you very much and will be in touch with you soon! :-)

Nikolay (USA), 2018.7.27

My painting arrived today. THANK YOU! They are lovely!

Holly (USA)2018.7.19

Hello there,

I have received the package in very good shape, everything was perfect about it.
The paintings are just wonderful!

Exquisite execution of the painting, my profound admiration for your artists!

O, there's something else! This paintings are meant to be a present for someone dear to us. It will be a birthday present! But it will be offered only on December the third (3 Dec.) an until then I will not display the paintings, so I cannot send you a picture with it hanging down a wall.

So I will be glad to write a nice little testimonials about the great art services that your company is doing, but I will not be able to sent a photo until the 3rd of Dec.

J. (2017.11.12 Romania)

Dear Jane Zhu,

I am very grateful for your promptness. I must say that your team does a great job on the customer service area. This will contribute on a great deal to your overall business!
Your customers services are better than those in Europe, I must say!
So for that I have to encourage you do so in the future!

Yours sincerely,
J. (10.30,2017, Romania )

Dear Lynee

Just wanted to inform you that I have received my Calligraphy.
Many thanks for all your help!

Kelvin Ling (Singapore, 2017.10.5)

Silk brocade please, the paintings look great

Be Well,

Robert Gittli (2017.9.1)

HI Jane,
My painting arrived today. Thank you so much for your excellent service. It is lovely.


Thanks for the response. Today, i just received the painting. I am satisfied with the painting and the package. We will buy again.

Jia C Feng (2017.8.4)

Got it yesterday, looks good. Thanks.

Thomas (Canada)

Dear Jane.

The painting arrived today. It is lovely and in perfect condition.
Thank you for al of you efforts.
I will be ordering another one soon.

Many Blessings, Holly

Hi Lynee,

I received my painting in good condition and is the process of being framed up.
I wish to express my gratitude for a smooth and reliable transaction and look forward my next purchase with Inkdance. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Chia (2017.6.20)

Hi Lynee,

Just letting you know, I have received my painting and I love it! Thank you again, for your wonderful service and beautiful correspondence. I appreciate yours and the artists work and I look forward to purchasing more in the future. Enjoy your weekend and take care!!

Kind Regards,
Nicole (2017.6.8)


Yes, that address is correct! Thank you again for your wonderful service. I absolutely love the painting I have hanging in my house so I definitely needed another one! Thank you again and have a great day!
Kind Regards,
Nicole (2017.6.8)

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