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Qin Yuan, 秦源,男,1975年生,广西桂林人,现为职业山水画家。 自幼喜好书画艺术,于1997年拜当地实力派青年画家李懿铭先生为师学习山水画,至今专职从事绘画事业已18个春秋。凭借其努力及聪明才智,已形成自我风格。用笔果敢、老辣,色墨运用娴熟,墨重 ... (View More)
Qin Yuan Chinese Painting qy11152001 Qin Yuan Chinese Painting qy11152002
Zhang Chen Yu, was born in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province in 1967. Majored in Chinese painting when he was a student of Northwest Normal University, Zhang later focused on landscape. Western techniques are integrated into his works, bringing about innovative ways for drawing. Titles: Part of the council of Oriental Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, ... (View More)
Zhang Chen Yu Chinese Painting 1139001 Zhang Chen Yu Chinese Painting 1139002
Qin Hai Yun, 覃海云,男,广西梧州人,现居桂林。现为职业山水画家。 2002年年初拜当地画家刘知善为师,学习山水画。作品大气、润泽,云水生动,色墨变化丰富,熨染厚重而透,点彩明快而不艳,画面清新,层次分明。 Qin Hai Yun, male, born in Wuzhou, Guangxi, currently liv ... (View More)
Qin Hai Yun Chinese Painting qhy11153001 Qin Hai Yun Chinese Painting qhy11153002
Ye Feng, a professional painter who learnt landscape painting from Yan Junru of the Yushan School over twenty years, being taught handed-down techiniques, and became a student of artist Lu Liang afterwards, focusing on landscape and bird&flower painting. Engaged in Fine Arts over a long period of time, Ye comes into his prime. His artworks are ... (View More)
Zhao Huan Ping, 赵焕平,男,1980年生,广西临桂人。职业画家。 自2008年跟随当地青年实力派画家贲能宁先生研习山水。作品画面饱满,追求厚重,结合南北派山水,山势雄浑而不乏俊秀。 Zhao Huan Ping, male, was born in Lingui, Guangxi in 1980. He is a Professional painter. Since 2008, he ... (View More)
Zhao Huan Ping Chinese Painting zhp11154003 Zhao Huan Ping Chinese Painting zhp11154002
Chen Lin, was born in Guiin in 1972, engaging in creation of landscape painting. Worked as a teacher of middle school, Chen often pays visit to artists for comparing notes, and reap big benefits from that. 陈林,男,1972年生,桂林临桂人。山水画家,现为中学教师。多次得到画家毕长青先生的指点,画风清 ... (View More)
Liu Zhi Shan, a professional painter who was born in 1967. He focuses on landscape painting, including Mount Huangshan, waterfall and so forth. using ink and pigments to form either magnificent or elegant works. 刘知善,男,1967年生,现为职业山水画家。笔下黄山,笔法豪放,加以浓墨重彩,画面气势磅礴,很具 ... (View More)
Liu Zhi Shan Chinese Painting 1143001 Liu Zhi Shan Chinese Painting 1143002
Yan Shao Bin, alias Yan Jian Min, was born in Guangxi. Good at landscape and bird&flower painting. Now Yan lives in Shenzhen. He became a student of Correspondence College of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy for further study in 1988, learning from professors Huang Dufeng, Bai Xiaojun, Tan Zhengrong and so forth, and also had a chance to communicat ... (View More)
Yan Shao Bin Chinese Painting 1144001 Yan Shao Bin Chinese Painting 1144002
Hu Zeng Ning, was born in Ninghua of Fujian Province. Now he lives in Xiamen. Was hailed as a gifted child when Hu was young. Afterwards, he was taught by the master Wang Zhongnian and other artists. Hu is favourable to tradition and comprehensive techniques, focusing on using the 'story-telling' approach to capture the unseen. 胡曾宁,汉 ... (View More)
Hu Zeng Ning Chinese Painting 1145001 Hu Zeng Ning Chinese Painting 1145002
He Zeng Min, alias Shiju or Wendi, one of Hebei outstanding artists that is good at landscape as well as figure painting. His works “Spring Dawn”, “Foggy Xiajiang”, “Hero” were given awards of art exhibitions respectively. 何曾民,字石巨,号问地,河北人,地方优秀画家,擅长山水,人物。 作品《 ... (View More)
He Zeng Min Chinese Painting 1146001 He Zeng Min Chinese Painting 1146002
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