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We are honored to have received a lot of praises for our service and Chinese paintings from our respectful guests from all over the world. Here are just a few of them:

Hi Amy,

The painting looks absolutely stunning! It's a lot more than acceptable. I love the painting! Could you be so kind and pass my thanks to Zhang De Quan? He is truly a skilled artist :).
Kind Regards
Petteri (Finland, 12/8/2014)

Hi Amy,

I am fine with it.
With sincere regards,
Alvin Chua Teck Wei (SGP, 26/7/2014)

Hi Amy,

This looks very nice! Will he add the calligraphy now?

Phillip (USA, 17/7/2014)

Hi Amy,

The painting is beautiful! I love it! Thank you!

Toni (USA, 18/6/2014)

Hi Amy,

yes I'm pleased, I'm happy with that reproduction. Many thanks to Mr. Wu! Wish all the best for his health and wellbeing in his life!


Andreas Miksch (Germany, 17/6/2014)

Hi Amy,

She is sooooo beautiful! Tell him thank you so much. I love the painting. Please send to me.

Thank you,

Jan (Swit, 20/5/2014)

Hi Amy,

Absolutely fantastic, a beautiful painting I truly enjoy greatly!
Mr. Yi Jian Fu has painted a wonderful painting with 3 eagles with all the details I so much appreciate and enjoy.
I will be pleased to receive this painting and enjoy it at my home.
Please tell the artist my thanks and my appreciation. He has greattalent.
Please ask him to write a poem in chinese calligraphy and put at least two red name chops on the painting.
Amy, the risk has paid off, I am very happy. Also I thank you for all your help and assistance in my purchase of various paintings I bought from your company recently.

Sincerely yours,

Hans Ackermann (Swit, 14/5/2014)

So beautiful!!! thank you!

Jan (Swit, 13/5/2014)




SAI N AUNG (SGP, 5/04/2014)

Hi Amy,

Many thanks for the photo of the reproduction of the four panel chinese painting.

Please inform the artist, Mr. Dang Jin You, that I like his work very much. It pleased me greatly and I am looking forward to receive the painting in due course.

Amy, you may now proceed with the mounting as agreed and then have it shipped to my address.

Many thanks for your help,

Hans Ackermann (Switzerland, 28/4/2014)

Hi Amy,

My client said ok. You can tell Artist Liu to start the 2nd painting. There are 2 different silk brocades my client choose. One with 006-yellow-brown-leaf-flower-brocade, and another one with 004-golden-circle-flower-brocade

- 006-yellow-brown-leaf-flower-brocade
- 004-golden-circle-flower-brocade


綘勵 (SGP, 24/3/2014)

Hi Amy,

OK. The painting is nice. I like it. Go ahead and notify Mr.Yang to finish this project. Do not forget to write the phrase " Happy and long life Dong Le family ". The word " Dong Le " should be in English and the rest of the words are in Chinese characters.


Sophirith Tes (USA, 25/3/2014)

Dear Amy,

Thank you for sending this image. I think it is beautiful, so please ask Mr. Long to proceed.

Best wishes,

Jan (USA, 2/20/2014)
Hello Amy,

The painting is beautiful! Thanks to Mr. Long. He is quite the talented artist.

Yes, I would like calligraphy added to the painting.

I would like the text to say something about love and strength. To me, that's what this painting represents. The painting is a gift for my husband, and both of us were born in the year of the dragon.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Jan (USA, 01/3/2014)


That is fine w/us -- we like it very much, we are happy w/it

Thank You -- Please let us know when you put it in the mail to us...

jennifer (USA,2/25/2014)

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your clarification. Actually the painting is nicely done. Just that I prefer the blue/white sky. Sure, you can send to me. Thank you.


Shirley.. (SGP, 27/1/2014)

Hi Amy,

Thank you .
The revision is great. Yes, please add some words on the painting, preferably at top left corner. Since this painting will be hanged in house, I would trust on the artist to recommend some good couplets suitable for family or house, etc..

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Shella. (SGP, 21/1/2014)




培松 (SGP, 12/25/2013)

Good Morning Amy,

I am delighted with the picture, please send my thanks to the artist. I would like to thank you and your staff for completing the picture so promptly.

Merry Christmas

Bob (UK, 12/24/2013)

Dear Amy,

The painting looks great. We just wanted to verify that the painting is 20" X 54".


Alan & Lena (USA, 12/24/2013)


I actually LOVE the attached Guan Yu Red Hare painting, IMG 5964. Shi Yu Lin is masterful at painting horses, he really captures Red Hare wonderfully. And, I do love how he painted Guan Yu in this painting. Truly masterful work, it is exactly what I hoped for.

Please pass on my compliments to Shi Yu Lin. Also, if Shi Yu Lin will not accept extra payment please let him know that I feel ashamed for my previous behavior, and that he has a friend in America, and if he or his family ever needs my help in anyway I will do what I can to help him personally.


Stephen McDonough (USA, 26/11/2013)

Yes, it is beautiful. Very nice. Could you get the artist to sign and stamp the painting? Nothing too big. Maybe something down the left side. Let me know what the next step is.

Thank you,

Kay Roberson (USA, 14/11/2013)

Hi Amy,

Yes, it is beautiful. We like it very much. Now, what do we do? Do we have to select a color for the scroll that it is to be mounted on? Please let us know the next step. and please thank Mr. Yan for accommodating our special request.

thank you.

Phil Toomey (USA, 29/10/2013)


Roland (USA, 17/10/2013)

I'm happy with the painting.


Kim (USA, 9/29/2013)


The painting is fine! Thanks. Kindly note that the seal and signature dont put the edge of the painting as I am going to do the framing.


Richard (SGP, 9/17/2013)

Dear Army,

Thanks for the revision.
You can send to me. Please thanks artist Xie for me. I will hang the pictures in my hall. Warmest regards,

Mrs Lim (Singapore, 8/15/2013)

Hi Amy,

I believe it will look more beautiful when we see the real one.

Best Regards

Alvin (SGP, 6/Aug/2013)






许齐放 (USA,7/23/2013)

Amy Thank you very much. It is a beautiful painting. It more than meets my needs. I would love the artist signature and seal. For my next order, in the future, can I use the same artist? In addition to the tiger and snake, can you show me some prototypes of the rooster, oxen, and snake in one scene. Same style and setting. That will be my third painting request in the future. Warren (USA, 5/22/2013)

animal painting

Please tell Li that I think it is gorgeous! I love the people he put in the painting, and, of course, the colors. I'm 100% pleased and cannot wait to receive it. Thank you. Dyan Lee (USA, 5/19/2013)

landscape painting

Hi Amy, Yup, I have received your last mail and I have also reviewed the picture of custom painting that you sent to me. I am happy with the painting. Thank you. Best Regards, Budi Tjiupek (Indonesia, 4/27/2013)

boys painting

Dear Amy and Jane

I wanted to let you know that our beautiful painting arrived this morning.

My husband and I are so happy with the painting, it is very beautiful. Please pass on our thanks to the artist Bai Yu. It is really exactly as we had hoped for and are sure it will look lovely in our house.

It's Easter holidays here, so next week we will take it to the framing shop and send you a picture when it is on the wall at home.

Thank you both for your diligent attention and looking after us so well. We are extremely grateful.

With best wishes and thanks

Mandy (UK, 29/3/2013)

Dear Amy

Thank you so much for your email.

Please tell artist Bai Yu that we absolutely love the painting. We are so happy with what has been done and do not want to make any changes at all other than include the red seal, which presently isn't shown.

You have really understood exactly what we want and we look forward to receiving our beautiful picture.

Many thanks Amy and kind regards

Mandy (UK, 13/3/2013)

flower painting framed flower painting

hi, is good, that will be it. thanks alot. Warmest Regards Alvin Ng (Singapore, 19/3/2013)

hi. Got it on 1/4 monday. Send to frame up. Its nice n great!!!! Thks. U r fast in shipping! Alvin Ng (Singapore, 3/4/2013)

framed painting

Exceptionally happy, =) Delna (USA, 28/2/2013)

tiger painting

Wonderfull! I love them! Thank you Dennis Andreaci (Philippines, 13/1/2013)

Hi Amy, The arrangement of the figures is acceptable. Thank you & warmest regards. Oon Teik Hock (MYS, 12/12/2012)

Dear Amy, Thanks for the second chinese Ink painting. I'm very happy with it. You can proceed to amount the 2 painting with brocade. Also send my regards to the artist Du Yong Guo and hope the daughter will recover soon. Warmest regards. Oon Teik Hock (MYS, 26/12/2012)

Hi Amy,

The painting is so beautiful!!! I am very happy with it and the colors are amazing. The only question I have is, now that it is complete, will Artist Huang add his signature and the Chinese Calligraphy for "The Eight Immortals - Watch Over Our Home"?

Thank you again for all of your help. If you can let Artist Huang know how very pleased and honored I am that he created such an exquisite painting for my daughter's first home. She is very excited to see it.


Hi Amy, It is so beautiful!!! The Calligraphy really adds to the character and charm. Thank you so much for all of your help!! Barb (USA, 12/3/2012)

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