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We are honored to have received a lot of praises for our service and Chinese paintings from our respectful guests from all over the world. Here are just a few of them:



Just received the painting today.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.
Chen ZhanYi (2017.4.13)

Received the paintings today and am very happy.

Robert Gittli (2017.4.13)

Hi Lynee,

It looks beautiful, Please sign and stump with popular writing on it.
Sent to me when it done, thanks.

Xiaotao (2017.4.6)

Hi Lynee,

I saw the paintings, good & thanks.Please go ahead with mounting.

Xiaotao (2017.4.6)

Good Morning,

this looks beautiful, the same works on the inscription are fine. Please let me know when this will be shipped.

thank you,
Kimoy griz (2017.4.5)

Dear Lynnee,

Happy Chinese New Year!
My brother, Simon, received the painting. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your help,
Albert (2017.1.31)

I did receive it. It is beautiful!!

Thank you
Mary Jane (2017.1.25)

Dear Lynee,

I hope all is well with you.
Just to let you know, the painting arrived two weeks ago. My ladyfriend had it framed (which took a while) but it is now hanging in her house. She is very happy with it.
We plan to marry in a year or two and when we have a house together we will surely look at your site again for decoration!

Thank you again,
All the best,
Peter (2017.1.24)

Hi Jane,

I received the painting, which is very beautiful. Thank you very much!

Dear Lynee,

I like the painting very much! Thank you
Best wishes,

Peter (2016.12.30)

This looks wonderful.

Mary Jane (2016.12.19)

Yes thanks it arrived yesterday!
It's gorgeous

Thanks again!
Deb (2016.12.08)

Hi Lynee,

I forget to mention something:

Please express my appreciation and praise for Fu Yun. I really like her works and will continue to support her in future. Also thank you to you Lynee for helping me to co-ordinate. I am very appreciative of your works as well and you are so wonderful!

Best Regards,
Ed (2016.11.29)

Lynee, I picked up package today. And I love the paintings! Magnificent! Thank you so much for excellent packing! And for your patience and information on shipping and tracking.

PaulW. (2016.11.29)

Lynne . . . Today I received the painting ordered from your company.
It is beautiful. It came perfectly wrapped from your company. I thank you and please thank the artist for the beautiful koi and blossoms artwork.

Lynne . . . I have received the painting today. It is perfect size. Thank you for fixing this so it can hang in my very special place in my house. I think I will get many compliments about this beautiful example of Chinese art. Good luck with your business.

Carol Verrier

I have received the paintings in perfect condition and they look beautiful.

Thank you

Ben (USA, 2016.06.22)

Hello Lynee,

Thanks for delivering the painting. We like it very much.

We would like to buy another painting.


Christopher Ng (2016.06.07)

Many thanks Jane.

The painting arrived in good order and we are very pleased with it..

I would like to order some more paintings.

Many thanks again,

Nick (2016.06.07)

Dear Jane,

I’m happy to say that my painting (all four hanging scrolls) arrived yesterday (15th April) afternoon, in perfect condition; and in a very useful and adaptable cylindrical container!

I’m very pleased with “Four Screens of Landscapes” and would like to thank you and your colleagues for such a polite and efficient service.

Many thanks again,

Yours sincerely,
Rosemary Woodward. (2016.04.16)

Hi Jane,

Please be inform that I had received the painting in well and good condition. Thank you.

And I am sure I will be very happy to order from your company in future.

Best Regards,
Allan Goh (2016.04.13)

Hello Amy

Thank you again for the wonderful work you do at Inkdance

Paul Lavoie (2016.04.02)


I have received the painting; very impressed with the packaging. Thank You for the fan. Appreciate it.

Cheers ... KK (2016.03.25)

Dear Lynee,

I received the painting yesterday. It is in good condition. Thank you so much.


Khay-Tuck (2016.03.23)

Hi Jane,

I have received the painting and I LOVE it. It is gorgeous. The shipping and the packaging was great. Thank you!!!

Linda (2016.03.09)


We have received the painting in good order and it is beautifully drawn.

Thanks for your assistance.

Serina (2016.02.23)

I have received the painting yesterday. Love it.

Thank you.

Lihui Cao (2016.02.06)

Hi Jane,

Both parcels with art work arrived today. Each parcel was received undamaged.
At this time the parcels will not be opened as they are gifts.
I am sure these two paintings will be fine.
It has been a pleasure working with Inkdance. I look forward to ordering other art work in the future.

Thank you...

Best regards,


Emmett Reed (2016.01.21)

Thank you. Painting arrived and looks great. Your fast, attentive service was greatly appreciated.

Eugene Green (2016.01.13.)

Hi Jane,

The painting is well received and in good condition on January 12, 2016.

Thank you.


Cilla (2016.01.13)

Hi Lynee,

Just to let you know that I have received the painting in good condition.

And we are very happy with it. We will have it framed next week.

I will be in touch for more purchase.


Tze yo Toh (Australia, 2016.01. 02)

Hi Jane

The paintings arrived yesterday and are great thank you.

Stuart (2015.12.24)

Dear Jane,

I am pleased to inform you that my painting has arrived. I appreciate your concern and support.

Yours truly,

Robert Lowy (2015.12.22)

Hello I just want to let you know that I received the painting today and I was very satisfy with the artwork the chinese sentence looks very very pretty I will surely order more paintings to be custom made by inkdance .

Thank you
Nirut (USA, 2015.12.22)

Dear Jane,

Received the painting and they are in excellent condition.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Esther (USA, 2015.12.18)


Dear Jane,

I received the beautiful painting today and I am so excited about hanging it. The shipping was wonderful. I will recommend the Inkdance Company to my friends and tell them what great service and products it provides. Thank you to all everyone there who facilitated my getting the painting. It is a treasure to me. With appreciation,Jane Panzella


Dear Ms Zhu,

Thank you for the beautiful scroll that arrived safely.

I would be grateful if you could provide the English Translation for the beautiful writing on the scroll for me. Thank you very much.

Michael Wong (UK,2015.11.30)

Hi Lynee,

I just wanted to confirm that the picture arrived safely and I am very happy with it, very nice just like online.

Thanks and best regards,
Olaf (Germany, 2015.11.28)

Dear lynee, the paintings are fantastic, very concise and great colors! They are just perfect for me! Thank you such much, claudius.

Dr. Claudius Dechow (Germany, 2015.10.27)

lynee - just want to say thanks again for all your help. all 3 paintings were received and look wonderful. have a great weekend! best,

peter (2015.09.12,USA)

Hello Jane,

I received your Inkdance painting on 20/8/15. Very fast!!

I am extremely happy with the painting and with everything else - well packaged; you are very prompt and courteous; and your English is very good!

I will be buying more.


Michael Garrett (2015.08.25, Australia)

We received it yesterday and it's beautiful. Please thank the artist for us.

Charles Hillis (2015.08.20)

I like it. I think the painter has done a great job.
I would like to let you know that I have received the painting in good condition.
Also thanks for the gift that comes with the painting.


Hardy Wijaya (Indonesia,2015.07.24)

Looks good.

Dilo (USA, 2015.07.02)

Hi Lynee,

I have received the two paintings in excellent condition and I am very pleased with the quality and overall service of your company. Your doing great work. As a longtime customer I have always been fully satisfied with everything. Thank you and all your staff and the wonderful artists in China.

From Switzerland,

Hans (2015.06.22)


Thank you. The paintings arrived today. They are beautiful and I am very happy with them.

Alane White
Thank you,
Alane (USA, 2015.06.02)

Hi Lynee,

Many thanks for the photo. I like the painting very much, please tell the artist that I appreciate his artwork and I am looking forward to receive it in due course.

With best regards,

Hans (2015.05.31, Switzerland)

The cats are perfect.

Paul (USA, 2015.05.29)

These are great

Paul (USA, 2015.05.26)

Looks awesome! Love it!
Thanks Lynee

ED (Singapore, 2015.05.20)


The landscape is perfect
It is Approved and thank the artist

Paul (USA, 2015.05.20)


we have received it in good conditions last week.
Thanks very much for your professional assistance

Horn Wijaya (Singapore, 2015.05.19)


Portrait is perfect. No changes

Thank you
Paul (USA, 2015.05.10)




i Amy,

Yes it was very beautiful. Thank you

rika (HK, 3/23/2015)

i Amy,

It really looks awesome, thanks!

Can you help me to count if the number of lotus flower if it is really 9?

There are really 100 pair of birds in this painting?

If the lotus flower is 9 and the birds are a 100 pair, you can ask Dong Bihua to continue with it. I am really pleased with it and please help me to thanks her:)

Ed (SGP,12/2/2015)

Hi Amy,

Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for getting back to us. The paintings look very nice.

Both of the ID 1135108 turned out really nice. However, we have decided to take image 7. (Could you resend image 7 of ID 1135108 just to confirm?)

As for ID 1135016, it looks nice. However, is it possible to add a little more colors (yellow, orange and/or red) to the painting? Not sure if it will look good with more colors...maybe you could ask what the artist thinks - since he is the professional.

We will let you know the styles of the silk brocade once everything has been finalized.

By-the-way, will both paintings have the artist's writings and signature?

Kindest Regards,

Dennis (USA, 11/2/2015)

Dear Amy,

The painting looks perfect. I can't wait to receive it. Thank you!

Yen (USA, 20/11/2014)

Dear Amy,

It looks good!
Can you let Wu Xuan know that my dad would like words of prosperity on her work? Also, I believe she will stamp on the painting as well, correct?


Meg (CAN, 5/11/2014)

Dear Amy,

As it is my first time with Inkdance and have some bad experiences in the past, I do have many questions and anxiety. However, I appreciate Amy for her ever kind patience and understanding to bring the painting to full fruition. Without her patience and hardworking attitude, I may have give up halfway.

She really gone through alot of troubles to make me feel comfortable and is a really very good art consultant.

I will definitely go to Inkdance for more paintings in the future!

Hi Amy,

That is great. I like the painting. Can you send me a full view of the entire painting?
Seems that there is no attachment of this enlarge version in the first email that you have sent me earlier. Thanks!

Consider the painting to be done finally. Thank you Amy!

Dear Amy, actually I wanted the chinese wordings more to the left but is ok since is done. I will get my finance in charge to wire the reminding payment to you. Thank you very much for all time and patience.

John (SGP, 23/10/2014)

Dear Amy, I am impressed by how you guys work. Fast and accurate execution.
I hope you and the rest who involving in doing my painting will not find me a difficult person to deal with ... LOL
This Zhong Kui painting will be right in front of our new office doorsteps when the moment someone step in.
This is something we are proud of as well as to promote Shi Yu Lin skills.
Once everything is done, I will send you a picture of our final layout. You and artist Shi Yu Lin are welcome to contact me whenever you are in Singapore. You and your team work are deeply appreciated.

John (SGP, 30/9/2014)

Hi Amy,

Yup, looks good! Thanks please go ahead and send both paintings together.
Have a great weekend, Jim (USA, 9/19/2014)

Hi Amy,

The painting looks "Zhenda Hen Hao" & "Piaoliang"! I like it very much. =)
You can wait until the other painting I've ordered is finished and ship both together as I'll have them framed at the same time.
Thanks! Jim Bailey (USA, 9/14/2014)

Hi Amy,

It is good.
Thank you.
Poh (AUS, 9/5/2014)

Hi Amy,

great, i like it very much
i want on the silk brocade mounting. i'm not able to send the picture of it, but don't worry i'm pretty sure that what i want (Silk brocade mounting
The process of silk brocade mounting, put in a nutshell, consists in pasting a sheet of unrefined rice paper at the back of the picture. Then, silk brocade of a matching color is pasted all round the picture to form a border.)
thats the description
can u tell me when it leaves china?
thanks again
Bruno (Brazil, 27/8/2014)

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