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Chinese Other birds paintings include Magpie, Paradise-Flycatcher, Chinese Bulbul (Light-vented Bulbul), Swallow, Quail and Parrot paintings/scrolls, etc.

Auspicious &

Chinese Magpie Painting: As magpie is called "xi que(喜鹊)" in Chinese, the first character is xi which means happiness, so the magpie is a symbol of happy event. In ancient China, the magpie was regarded as an auspicious bird. People thought they had the precognition ability. A magpie landing on a tree branch is an omen of happy event and good luck, and two magpies would be regarded as a double helping of good luck and double happiness, while four mean a fourfold helping. The image of the magpie can be combined with various painting objects. A magpie perching on the branch of plum tree, the picture symbolizes "happiness apprears on the eyebrows", that means very very happy to know a good news. While two magpies frolicing among the bamboo and plum trees, this combination symbolizes a Chinese phrase "Zhu Mei Shuang Xi(竹梅双喜)", which means "A boy and a girl were playing together when they were children, and they become a perfect couple when they are growing up".

Chinese Paradise-Flycatcher Painting: In Chinese, paradise-flycatcher is called "shou dai niao"(silk strap bird, literally). The first character of "paradise-flycatcher(绶带鸟)" is "绶" which sounds the same as that of "longevity(寿)", so it is often used to express the wish for longevity. Besides, as in ancient China, a silk strap was often used to tie the seal of an official, so paradise-flycatcher was believed to bring good luck in one's official career. It is often combined with plum blossom and bamboo, they constitute a famous Chinese phrase "Ju An Qi Mei(举案齐眉)" or "Qi Mei Zhu Shou(齐梅祝寿)", which means a perfect couple living in harmony and mutual respect. When it is combined with camellia, they symbolizes "remaining youthful vitality and good fortune forever".

Chinese Bulbul / Light-vented Bulbul Painting: The light-vented bulbul is distinguished by white and black feathers on its head, which will turn completely white when it gets old. It is regarded as a symbol of a couple living in harmony. The light-vented bulbul is often combined with peony flower, this combination symbolizes "a couple living in glory and wealth to a ripe old age". While it is combined with catharanthus roseus and stones, the metaphor is that of a couple living together till their hair turns gray, it means "living together to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss".

Chinese Swallow Painting: Swallow is an useful bird. It is regarded as an auspicious bird and a symbol of spring. There is a Chinese phrase "xin hun yan er(新婚燕尔)" which means "newly married", so swallow is often used to signify a sweet couple. Besides, "swallow(燕)" sounds the same as that of "晏(quiet)", so the combination of swallow, begonia and lotus flower symbolizes "All is at peace and well governed".

Chinese Quail Painting: "Quail(鹌)" and "safeness/peace(安)" are homonyms in Chinese, so it symbolizes safenessand peace. Nine quails mean "nine generations(九世)", they are often combined with chrysanthemum to constitute a phrase "nine generations of a family living together(九世同居)", it implied a long lineage for the family and the prolific offspring. The combination of quail, the ear of grain and vase is called "sui sui ping an(岁岁平安)", it symbolizes Chinese people's good wish for auspicious and peaceful life.

Chinese Duck Painting: The duck knows first when the river becomes warm in spring. So duch represents the vocational sensibility. The duck paddles its way with its webbed feet under the water, that means studying hard secretly.

Chinese Parrot Painting: The parrots often appear in pairs, so they symbolizes a perfect and harmonious couple.

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Chinese Other Birds Painting,33cm x 33cm,2340082-x
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Chinese Other Birds Painting,66cm x 130cm,2398006-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,33cm x 33cm,2399006-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,50cm x 50cm,2408012-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,45cm x 65cm,2409006-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,50cm x 50cm,2414009-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,66cm x 66cm,2415003-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,25cm x 45cm,2421007-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,66cm x 136cm,2423012-x
Chinese Other Birds Painting,34cm x 96cm,2551004-x
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