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Chinese lily commonly has white or light red colors. In Chinese, "lily(百合花)" symbolizes "hundred(百)".

Auspicious &

Chinese Lily Fengshui Painting: At ealry times, lily was believed to have the function of warding off evil, so lily painting was often hung in the house in Summer. Lily is not only the symbol of faithful love, but also regarded as a "Child-Bestowing Immortal".

Chinese Persimmon & Orange & Lily Feng Shui Painting: Bai Shi Da Ji(百事大吉). In Chinese, "Lily(百合花)" symbolizes "hundred(百)", "all kinds of", "persimmon(柿)" has the same pronunciation as that of "thing(事)", "orange(橘)" sounds like the word "auspicious(吉)", so this combination is called "great auspiciousness", and it symbolizes "big fortune and great profits", "Everything is going according to your wishes".

Chinese Persimmon & Glossy Ganoderma (Ganodorma Lucidum) & Lily Feng Shui Painting: Bai Shi Ru Yi(百事如意). As "persimmon(柿)" has the same pronunciation as that of "thing(事)" in Chinese, and glossy ganoderma represents "as one wishes", so this combination symbolizes "Everything goes well", "Everthing is as you wish".

Tips to Hang Lily
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Lily pictures or images are often presented as wedding gift or birthday gift to the girls. It's good to hang it in the house, or paint it on the wedding bedclothes, so the newlyweds would be a perfect union and have a lovely baby soon.

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Chinese Lily Painting,55cm x 100cm,2695041-x
Chinese Lily Painting,34cm x 46cm,hb21174001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,68cm x 68cm,2575005-x
Chinese Lily Painting,50cm x 50cm,2702045-x
Chinese Lily Painting,68cm x 136cm,mh21175007-x
Chinese Lily Painting,69cm x 46cm,2406001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,34cm x 46cm,2405001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,66cm x 66cm,2327007-x
Chinese Lily Painting,68cm x 68cm,qse21171002-x
Chinese Lily Painting,50cm x 100cm,syx21172001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,66cm x 66cm,nx21170004-x
Chinese Lily Painting,50cm x 60cm,2609001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,68cm x 136cm,nx21170014-x
Chinese Lily Painting,60cm x 60cm,mh21175002-x
Chinese Lily Painting,68cm x 136cm,2575007-x
Chinese Lily Painting,27cm x 39cm,nx21170001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,68cm x 68cm,2695042-x
Chinese Lily Painting,50cm x 50cm,hb21174003-x
Chinese Lily Painting,70cm x 180cm,lcj21173001-x
Chinese Lily Painting,50cm x 50cm,2403006-x
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