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"Greetings! I received my painting
a few weeks ago and just want to let
you know I am very pleased with it. It
was beautifully wrapped and arrived
in perfect condition. The painting itself
is gorgeous and I had it professionally
framed and hung above my fireplace. It
is a wonderful addition to my home.
Thank you for the excellent customer
service and fast delivery. Many
blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Hu Ming Hui, born in 1981 on Yong Zhou city in Hu Nan provice, is a young but very good artist. He love painting since his childhood. Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department in Guangxi Arts College, he excels in Birds & Flowers paintings, especially Gongbi flowers and figures. With deep skills and techiniques of painting, and over 20 years of h ... (View More)
Hu Ming Hui Chinese Painting 2358005 Hu Ming Hui Chinese Painting 2358002
Jing Shan, autonym Zuo Lian, native of Liaoning province, industrial artist. He took a refresh course in decoration department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. Engaged in decoration art layout for many years, simultaneously he work at traditional landscape painting, flower&bird painting and so on. Once his works have been exhibite ... (View More)
Jing Shan Chinese Painting 4700001 Jing Shan Chinese Painting 4700002
Xiao Meng, alias Chen Yong Ping, native of Jishan county of Shanxi province. He graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts&Craft. Now he’s the chairman of Menglong Calligraphy and Painting Seminar, member of International Calligraphy and Painting Seminar of China and Shanxi Artists Association, full-time painter of Fenshui Art Academy, rese ... (View More)
Xiao Meng Chinese Painting 4701004 Xiao Meng Chinese Painting 4701005
Wu Qiu Jiang, native of Nantong city of Jiangsu province, professional painter. Good at Gongbi painting. She repeatedly participated in national art exhibition and foreign art exhibition. Her works received the high praise broadly and were collected by a number of institutions and collectors. One she published her personal album “Wu Qiu Jiang Paintin ... (View More)
Wu Qiu Jiang Chinese Painting 4704002 Wu Qiu Jiang Chinese Painting 4704003
Xu Tian Yi, born in Yongfu county of Guilin in 1967, professional painter. He graduated from art department of Guangxi Normal University. Good at crane painting and landscape painting. He studied gongbi painting at first, then learnt freehand painting. His landscape painting is magnificent, vigorous and composed. Cranes he created are vivid with ... (View More)
Xu Tian Yi Chinese Painting 4705001 Xu Tian Yi Chinese Painting 4705009
Lv Min Hao, born in Wuyang county of Henan in 1961. He’s national second-level artist, guest painter of Beijing Art Academy and is the member of Flower&Bird Painting Seminar of China. He was admitted to the Art Academy of China in 1989, and learnt landscape painting from Mr. Ma Linxue. Besides, he got the long-term guidance from famous flower&bi ... (View More)
Yang Zhen, born in Anshan city of Liaoning province in 1965. He graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, then took a graduate course of traditional Chinese painting in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now he’s the member of Chinese Artists Association, director of Liaoning Artists Association, International Artists Association and Chinese Cal ... (View More)
Yang Zhen Chinese Painting 2511001 Yang Zhen Chinese Painting 2511002
Jing Xuan, alias Ling Xue, born in 1955. She is a contemporary Chinese realistic painting painter and graduated from gongbi painting Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Professor Jin Hong Jun was her advisor. Copied the high-quality goods of Chinese past dynasties flower-and-bird painting masters since childhood, and engaged in painting ... (View More)
Jing Xuan Chinese Painting 4702001 Jing Xuan Chinese Painting 4702002
Qin Xia, now is the member of Chinese Artists Association, first-grade painter of China Literary Federation Painting and Calligraphy Art Center, senior painter of Shandong Art Academy. She was born in Shandong in 1960. Apprenticed to Mr. Wang Xiao Gu to study flower& bird painting at an early age. After that she followed Gongbi Master Tian Shi Gua ... (View More)
Qin Xia Chinese Painting 2703064 Qin Xia Chinese Painting 4703001
Lu Ye Guang, was born in 1967. Her ancestral home is Wuxi. She is a professional painter and focusing on the Chinese bird&flower painting. She was good at both Gongbi and Xieyi and was a rare all-round painter. Her stryle was delicate, graceful, religious and powerful all along. Her colors were elegant, simple, clean and beautiful. Her paintings h ... (View More)
Lu Ye Guang Chinese Painting 4734090 Lu Ye Guang Chinese Painting 4734091
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