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What is Chinese scroll painting?
What is Scroll Mounting (mounting as hanging wall scrolls)?
The process of Chinese scrolls mounting.
Points for attention displaying Chinese scroll paintings.
How to hang the horizontal Chinese scroll painting on the wall?
16 populuar silk brocades options used for mounted as Chinese hanging scrolls.
Why my Chinese painting/calligraphy need to be mounted?
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1. What is Chinese scrolls/ painting?

Tradirional Chinese painting or calligraphy after mounting as hanging wall scroll is called Chinese 'Scroll painting (juan zhou hua 卷轴画)' or Chinese calligraphy scrolls, also simply called Chinese Scrolls in total.

By the size, form and the content, Chinese scroll painting mainly include Tiaofu '条幅'(vertically-hang scroll), Hengpi '横批' (horizontally-hang scroll), Shoujuan '书卷' (long horizontal scroll ), Ceye '册页' (an album of paintings), ect.

The most common form are Tiaofu(Chinese vertical wall scroll) and Hengpi(Chinese horizontal wall scroll).

Chinese scroll painting (Tiaofu) has three types, they are: One-color style scroll, Two-color style scroll and Three-color style scroll (see Figs.1~3).

    Fig.1 One-color style scroll                Fig.2 Two-color style scroll        Fig.3 Three-color style scroll

Take Chinese Vertical Hanging Scroll Painting (Tiaofu) as an illustration. From top to bottom, usually Tiaofu include upper rod (tian gan), upper border (tian tou), painting itself (hua xin), lower border (di tou), lower rod (di gan), knobs (zhou tou), ect (see Fig.4). Generally, upper border is bigger than lower border.

Fig.4 Chinese hanging scroll terminology

Chinese Horizontal Hanging Scroll Painting (Hengpi):

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2. What is Scroll Mounting (mounting as hanging wall scrolls)?

Scroll mounting is a traditional mounting form to make Chinese paintings/calligraphy as scrolls that is time-honored and has distinct national characteristic. According to the surviving historical records, the scroll mounting was invented as early as 1,500 years agao. And the process and materials selection of the scroll mounting were also recorded.

3. The Process of Chinese Scroll Mounting

The process of Chinese wall scroll mounting, in short, include in firstly pasting one or several sheet of paper on the back of the painting/calligraphy; this serves not only for reinforcing it but also give it a smooth apprearance. Then, silk brocade of suitable color is pasted all around the painting or calligraphy to form the borders. (16 styles of silk brocades available at InkDance Chinese Painting Gallery for your to choose...)

Finally, two sticks are mounted inside at left and right sides for the horizontal scroll, attached with ribbons for hanging. If the mounted work is vertical (height>width), normally mounter fix a wooden rod to the bottom of the mounted work. This serves as the weight to hold the painting/calligraphy in place when hung up, and also helps to roll it up. On top, there is another stick which is smaller than wooden rod is mounted inside, also attached with ribbons (see Fig.4 Chinese hanging scroll terminology).

Fig.4 Chinese hanging scroll terminology
(Egde wrapping is usually thin strips made for preventing lint falling off the silk; also helps the scroll look more flat and smooth.)

4. Points for attention displaying Chinese scroll paintings

Because traditional Chinese painting or calligrapy is executed on Xuan paper or silk fabrics, it tends to incur worm and broken easily if stored for a long time if not well be displayed. In addition, it cannot stands damp and dry. For prolonging the Lifespan of Chinese painting/calligraphy, it is very important to learn some knowledge about the protection of Chinese painting/ calligraphy scrolls.

The general knowledge for protection of Chinese Wall Scrolls is as follow:
—Painting/calligraphy scrolls cannot hang on the wall which is wet and smeary.
—Do not overexert when rolling up painting/calligraphy that scroll mounted, lest causing crease or fracture.
—Please avoid smoking when you appreciating or taking down painting/calligraphy wall scroll.
—Do not appreciate painting/calligraphy at the place with heavy draughts, or close windows in time when it is blowing heavy winds outdoor.
—Painting/calligraphy scrolls well-storing requires certain temperature, humidity, and airiness. If you put it on easel or in bookcase, make sure that the distance between painting/calligraphy and the ground is more than 20 inches. And in the late autumn each year, take out Chinese painting/calligraphy scrolls then dry it in the air.
—If you found a piece of Chinese painting/calligraphy wall scrolls was moldy, you should quickly hang this painting/calligraphy in draughty place whilst avoiding direct sunlight. If it was slightly moldy, you could use duster to whisk it. If the signs of mould was serious, the painting/calligraphy would be in need of re-mount.

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