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How to Hang the Horizontal
Chinese Scroll Painting on the Wall

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1) Firstly, please see horizontal-scroll-on-wall.jpg(click to enlarge) which is the final effect hanging on the wall. The painting is fixed on the wall relying on three things: "Ear", the ropes and the nails.

2) Please see ear-nail.jpg. What we call "Ear" is made of silk brocade, normally at the same color with the silk brocade of the hanging scroll, which don't stand out and affects the beauty of the scroll. ( In the sample picture, for showing clearly, we use the different color.) Nailing the four "Ear"s on the wall will fix the top and the bottome of scroll well.

3) Please see rope-nail.jpg. The scroll is made with ropes on both sides. Please nail the ropes on both sides. This will fix the left and the right of scroll well.

Now the scroll is well hanged on the wall.

4) We normally use what we call Gong Zi Nail (See Gong-Zi-Nail.jpg) to fix "Ear", and the normall steel or iron or other common nails to fix the ropes.

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