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"Greetings! I received my painting
a few weeks ago and just want to let
you know I am very pleased with it. It
was beautifully wrapped and arrived
in perfect condition. The painting itself
is gorgeous and I had it professionally
framed and hung above my fireplace. It
is a wonderful addition to my home.
Thank you for the excellent customer
service and fast delivery. Many
blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Lv Ming Gang, alias Fa Chen Long, born in Tonghua of Jilin province. He graduated from Changchun Art Institute. Studied painting from a child, he diligently study bird of prey and beasts for decade, especially good at dragon painting. Due to the nurture of the peculiar folk customs and the natural scenery of northeast China, so his style is more heroic ... (View More)
Lv Ming Gang Chinese Painting 4742006 Lv Ming Gang Chinese Painting 4742007
Long Yu Tian, born in 1973, professional painter. He graduated in art from Guangxi Normal College. Good at animal and flower&bird painting. His work has bright, lively coloring and original composition. It received high praise from specialists. 龙昱天,职业画家,生于1973年,广西师范学院美术专科毕业。擅长动物、 ... (View More)
Long Yu Tian Chinese Painting 4660001 Long Yu Tian Chinese Painting 4660002
Long Hui, born in 1962. He graduated from Guangxi Art Institute. Currently he’s a professional painter who is skilled in freehand figure, animal and flower&bird painting. His work is simple, unsophisticated and true to life. Part of his works joined in national, provincial and civic art exhibitions and won prizes. In 1995, his work “Fang ... (View More)
Long Hui Chinese Painting 4732001 Long Hui Chinese Painting 4732002
Deng Wei Wei, born in Shangqiu of Henan province. He ever took the graduate course in Chinese National Academy of Arts. Now he’s the member of Dragon Culture Research Society of China. Studied painting since childhood, he devoted himself to study Chinese painting and calligraphy for over 30 years. Skilled in Gongbi painting, adepting at dragon ... (View More)
Deng Wei Wei Chinese Painting 4739001 Deng Wei Wei Chinese Painting 4739002
Chen Hao, native of Hubei. Good at flower&bird painting and animal painting. Painter has profound essentials of basic training and is highly skilled, devoting himself to express the spirituality and the verve of animals in painting. His original style obtain more and more affection from the painting circle and some collectors who have good taste. ... (View More)
Chen Hao Chinese Painting 4740005 Chen Hao Chinese Painting 4740009
Lu Ming Hua, alias She Hua or Wan Ruo, born in Yangshuo county of Guilin in 1975. He was fond of painting from a child. Then learnt painting, calligraphy and poetic prose after teacher at eighteen. At his early years, he acknowledged master hand as his master in order to improve his level. Good at landscape painting and animal painting. 陆茗 ... (View More)
Lu Ming Hua Chinese Painting 4741005 Lu Ming Hua Chinese Painting 4741006
Wu Da Wei, born in Henan in 1946. Assiduously studied painting since childhood, he modeled himself after ancient famous painters of plum blossom and studied techniques of contemporary Chinese painting at the same time, then gradually formed his own style. Skilled in drawing dragon, tiger, horse, bamboo, plum blossom and peony, concurrently work at l ... (View More)
Wu Da Wei Chinese Painting 4743002 Wu Da Wei Chinese Painting 4743006
Wang Song Bo, born in Guilin in 1973. He graduated from Guangxi Academy of Fine Arts, now he’s a professional painter. He had an intense fondness for calligraphy and painting since childhood, and studied artistry for ages as well as got directions from number of masters in the meantime. Especially skilled in figure painting, detailed flower&bird pain ... (View More)
Jun Lin, born in 1968, native of Sichuan. He is the advanced painter of Bashu Art Academy and the member of Chendu Calligraphy and Painting Association. He is fond of drawing horses, kylin, dragon and so on fowls and beasts as well as plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, ect. Painter has profound essentials of basic training and is highly ... (View More)
Jun Lin Chinese Painting 4317015 Jun Lin Chinese Painting 4317001
Liu Yun, 刘云,1969年生于广西桂林,职业画家。自幼习画,主攻走兽,擅画虎,所画的工笔虎逼真传神,惟妙惟肖。 Liu Yun, born in Guilin, Guangxi province in 1969. He is a professional painter. He has been learning painting since childhood. He is mainly major in beasts painting, and is good at painting tig ... (View More)
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