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Lu Huo Rong, 陆火荣, 字云艺,1964年生,广西桂林人,自幼喜爱绘画,92年至今以绘画为职业,擅长画牡丹、泼墨泼彩山水,现任佳雅画院画师。 Lu Huo Rong, also called Yun Yi, born in 1964, Guilin, Guangxi. He was fond of painting since childhood. He is drawing since 1992, who is good at painting peony and ... (View More)
Lu Huo Rong Chinese Painting lhr21105001 Lu Huo Rong Chinese Painting lhr21105002
Wan An, Borned in LuoYang in China on 1953, his official name is WanAn; Vice president of China Painting &Calligraphy Maestro Art Research Association; China Folk Art Research Institute researcher; Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Artists Association member; China International Artists Association member; Was awarded to be one of "Hundreds o ... (View More)
Wan An Chinese Painting 2328001 Wan An Chinese Painting 2328003
Chen Xiao Ming, 陈晓明, 男,1980年出生。师从当地实力派青年画家夏春先生学习花鸟画,为人谦虚、作画勤奋。作品布局巧妙,笔墨线条老道,韵味十足,画风适静,画中小鸟活泼生动,极富情趣。 Chen Xiao Ming, male, born in 1980. He studied under Mr. Xia Chun who is professional flower and b ... (View More)
Chen Xiao Ming Chinese Painting cxm21106001 Chen Xiao Ming Chinese Painting cxm21106002
Yang Chun Fu, born in Guilin of Guangxi, professional painter. He graduated in Chinese Painting from Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Correspondence University in 1990. He was admitted to Guilin University of Technology and majored in environmental art&design in 1994. He wound up his graduate course of landscape painting in Guilin Art Academy ... (View More)
Li Lin han, 李林汉,男,1983年生于广西桂林。生活于书香浓郁之家,其父亲为当地知名中青年书画家,自幼受到其父熏陶,教导,对书画产生浓厚兴趣。经过近20年的磨练,现终有所成,山水沉寂、雅致;牡丹则活泼,清艳。 Li Lin han, male, born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1983. He ... (View More)
Li Lin han Chinese Painting llh21107001 Li Lin han Chinese Painting llh21107002
Wang Hui Li, 王慧莉,女,广西桂林人,师从中国美院壁画组组长邢东老师,从艺十几载,专攻工笔花鸟画。作品清新、素雅,画风恬美、细腻,画面栩栩如生,让人久观而不厌。 Wang Hui Li, from Guilin, Guangxi. She studied under Mr. Xing Dong, the mural team leader of the Chinese Academy of A ... (View More)
Wang Hui Li Chinese Painting whl21108001 Wang Hui Li Chinese Painting whl21108002
Hua Rong, native of Guilin, professional painter. She’s adept in figure and flower&bird painting. Studied painting follow her father when she was young, then took the well-known flower&bird painter as her master. Studied assiduously for years, she mastered the essence of flower&bird painting. Especially the peony is lifelike, gorgeous and exq ... (View More)
Hua Rong Chinese Painting 2312007 Hua Rong Chinese Painting 2312006
Zhang Zhong Ting, 张中庭,男,1975年生于广西桂林,擅画写意花鸟,尤精牡丹。长期潜心于牡丹画的研究与创作,追求清雅洒脱之格调,显示芳质艳姿、刚芯劲古之风采。 Zhang Zhong Ting, male, was born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1975. He is good at painting freehand style flowers and birds, especially drawi ... (View More)
Zhang Zhong Ting Chinese Painting zzt21109001 Zhang Zhong Ting Chinese Painting zzt21109002
Lu Wei, born in Hepu county of Guangxi in 1970. In 1995, he graduated from fine arts Department of Guangxi Normal University. Currently he’s the member of China Committee of the Promotion of the Minority Art, Guangxi Artists Association and Guilin Artists Association, the vice-chairman of flower&bird painting creative department of Guilin Li Ri ... (View More)
Xu Wen Yu, born in Zhenzhou city in 1966. In 2001, he won the gold in " Calligraphy and Painting Competition of Henan Modern Corporate Culture Research Society ". At the same year, he won gold again in " The Fifth International Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition " and his painting was included in "the Cross-strait Excellent Calligraphy an ... (View More)
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