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"Greetings! I received my painting
a few weeks ago and just want to let
you know I am very pleased with it. It
was beautifully wrapped and arrived
in perfect condition. The painting itself
is gorgeous and I had it professionally
framed and hung above my fireplace. It
is a wonderful addition to my home.
Thank you for the excellent customer
service and fast delivery. Many
blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Shen Ling Xiang, was born in 1953 in Guilin. He started to learn painting when he was 5 years old, then he learned from Dr. Tang Xuxiang who is the student of Chinese painting great master Li Keran(Dr. Tang once was the arts and crafts department head of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, and now he is one of the professors in the art department of ... (View More)
Qiu Zhi Ming, alias Nong-yi-ren. He was born in 1954 in Yangshuo, Guangxi province. He loves Chinese Painting since his childhood. After his hardworking study for several decades, he got a little success. His artworks were published by "China Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper", "Guangxi Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper" and "Guilin Daily" etc. He jo ... (View More)
Huang Gui Ting, was born in 1971 in Guilin, Guangxi province. He graduated from Chinese Landscape Painting seminar of Guilin Painting Academy. Now he is a member of Guilin Artists Association. He took part in many national exhibitions and Guilin exhibitions and won the prizes for many times. In 1997, won the third prize in Shaolin-Cup National Calligr ... (View More)
Tian Ya, is a young professional painter. He loves calligraphy and painting since his childhood. He was good at landscape painting, ancient figure painting and bird&flowers painting etc. He had learned from some famous painters like Wang Hui. 青年职业画家。自幼喜爱书画,擅长山水,古代人物,花鸟等,曾师承王辉等 ... (View More)
Tian Ya Chinese Painting 4046011 Tian Ya Chinese Painting 4046009
Wang Yu Dong, was born in 1969 in Yuncheng, Shangdong province. He had profound family origin and never stop painting for 20 years. He was good at Chinese landscape painting and had travelled to Tai mountain, Taihang Mountain and Huang mountain for many times to sketch from nature. During his creation, he put the western skills to Chinese painting and ... (View More)
Yu Yu Cai, born in 1967 in Lingui Guangxi Province. He become a apprentice of famous landscape master Mr. Li Yi Min, since then, his worded very hard and finally his create his own career. Now his is the proprietor of Yue Xing Lou painting & calligraphy studio, good at painting landscape, the Yellow River, ocean, ancient towns and figure. He is a ... (View More)
Yu Yu Cai Chinese Painting 1120001 Yu Yu Cai Chinese Painting 1120002
Cui Shao Lun, he loves carve, and travel to see the great motherland of China. He used his brush to record this beautiful landscape. He is also good at calligraphy. Now he is a member of Shanxi Calligraphers Association, member of Shanxi Artists Association, member of Shanxi Photographers Association. 崔绍伦 斋号:半间楼 喜篆刻 ... (View More)
Deng Feng, is a professional painter and has been painting for more than ten years. He is good at landscape painting in Pastoralism style. His artworks were fresh, simple,elegant and free of vulgarity, filled with the joy and vigour of nature. 职业画家,从事绘画十余年,擅画田园风格的山水,作品清新纯朴,淡雅脱俗 ... (View More)
Song Lin, alias “Yun-She-Shan-Ren”, was born in 1957 in Jiangsu. He was influenced by his father’s painting and starting to study painting when he was young. At first he studied line-drawing then turned to oil-painting, and laid a deep and good painting foundation. 号云舍山人,1957年生于江苏。自幼受父绘画影响,少时 ... (View More)
Song Lin Chinese Painting 1019002  
Li Xiao Yue, 李小跃,笔名云辉,云辉堂堂主。1979年生于广西桂林,1999年毕业于广西桂林高等学院国画专业。2008年结业于中国桂林山水画高研班,师承徐家钰,周松,祁恩进等导师。 现为中国国家书画院理事,临桂芳草堂书画院副院长兼秘书长,广西美术家协会会员 ... (View More)
Li Xiao Yue Chinese Painting 1002011 Li Xiao Yue Chinese Painting 1002012
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