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The chicken has been the symbol of valiancy since ancient times for it eats five poisonous creatures: centipede, poisonous snake, scorpion, toad, and spider as well as eliminate plague and drive away evil spirit.

The Chinese also attribute five virtues to the cock/rooster. Its has a crown on its head, a mark of literary spirit; and claws on its feet, a token of its warlike disposition; it is courageous, for it fights its enemies; and benevolent, always clucking for hens when it scratches up a grain; and faithful, for it never loses the hour.

Auspicious &

Chinese Cock/Rooster Painting: the cock/rooster is called "鸡"(ji) in China, which has a homonymic meaning "auspicious" (ji吉). Therefore, the cock painting/scroll occupies an important position in Feng Shui.

A Cock/Rooster Standing On A Rock (shi 石) Chinese Fengshui Painting: 石(室)上大吉. Symbolizes "good luck to your family" (shi being a pun on the word for "family or clan," shi 氏). And the red magnificent comb representing official rank. So it is common that draw cock with cockscomb flower which symbolize officials will get repeated promotion in their career.

Chinese Peony & Cock/Rooster Painting: A painting depicts a cock in a peony garden, symbolizing the pleasure of the simple (country) life as well as the hope that one will be blessed by rank and wealth (represented by the cock's comb and the peonies). And the crowing of a cock is interpreted as an auspicious omen of a forthcoming event that would bring "salary honor or official rank".

Chinese Butterfly, Peony, Persimmon & Cock/Rooster Feng Shui Painting: the combination image expresses a wish that one's officical career will be as right as rain then being rich and honored all the way.

Chinese Cock, Hen & Their Baby Chicken Painting: representing parents expect earnestly that offsprings will be successful.

Chinese Painitng of Cock-fighting: means being in high spirit.

Tips to Hang Cock/Rooster
Painting at

If you hung the painting of valiant rooster, it can drive away evil spirit and promote family tradition.

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Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 138cm,4482002-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 69cm,4482003-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 138cm,4483005-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,66cm x 66cm,4602001-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 138cm,4483006-x
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Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 138cm,4484001-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 138cm,4484002-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 138cm,4484003-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,50cm x 100cm,4485001-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 69cm,4485002-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,33cm x 33cm,4485003-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,55cm x 100cm,4485004-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,50cm x 50cm,4485005-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,33cm x 33cm,4485006-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,33cm x 33cm,4485007-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,33cm x 33cm,4485008-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,33cm x 33cm,4485009-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 46cm,4721017-x
Chinese Chicken Painting,69cm x 69cm,4721018-x

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