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Zui Yu's Biography & Awards:

Zui Yu, 醉迂,省级美协会员、专业画家,中国书画艺术创作中心理事,美院国画专业毕业 从事国画创作二十载。擅长山水、人物、花鸟,多次获得国内外大奖。醉 迂老师学院派出生,对传统国画有很深刻的理解和继承,其成熟的国画技法和独特 的个人画风很好地融合在一起. 作品做到雅俗共赏的同时又非常注重国画的专业性 画风多样且注重格调和品味.带有浓郁的学院派凤格.具有很高的收藏和观赏价值.

Zui Yu is a member of the provincial Fine Arts Association, a professional painter, the director of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Creation Center. He graduated from the Chinese painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts, and engaged in the creation of Chinese painting for twenty years. He is good at landscapes, figures, flowers and birds. He has won many domestic and international awards. He graduated from the academic school, with deep understanding and inheritance of traditional Chinese painting. His mature technique and unique personal style blend well together.
His works are elegant and popular with a wide range of styles and taste. Also he is paying great attention to the professionalism of Chinese painting. His artworks has a high value for collection and viewing.

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Zui Yu Zui Yu

Zui Yu Zui Yu

Zui Yu Zui Yu

Zui Yu Zui Yu

Zui Yu Zui Yu

Zui Yu  

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