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Zou Lian Fu's Biography & Awards:

Zou Lian Fu, 邹联富,名野鹤、号楚之鸿,1970年生,原籍湖南新化人,中国书协会员。出席‘94中国书坛群英会,90年代初期军旅生涯被好八连指导员王传友将军称誉为“大漠一支笔”,主攻正书、行草。

Zou Lian Fu, also called Ye He, or Chu Zhihong, born in 1970. Originally from Xinhua, Hunan province. He is a member of Chinese Calligraphy Association. Attended the ‘94 Chinese Book Forum Group Meeting, in the early 1990s, his military career was hailed as “a pen in the desert” by instructor General Wang Chuanyou of the Eighth Company. He is good at regular script, Semi-cursive calligraphy.

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Zou Lian Fu Zou Lian Fu

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