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Zi Xu's Biography & Awards:

Zi Xu, 子虚,乃佛教信徒,其家学渊源,自小深受祖父熏陶和影响而学习书法,一直坚持到现在仍然从未中断。经多位名师和名家的指点,逐而书艺渐成。后修佛于禅门,抄经助修行,擅绘菩萨罗汉与经书。作品多次入选国内外举办的各类书画展并获奖。

Zi Xu,a Buddhist, had a long history of calligraphy in his family and was greatly influenced by his grandfather since childhood. Under the guidance of many famous masters and masters, he gradually developed his calligraphic skills. He later studied Buddhism and meditation, copying scriptures to aid his practice, and was good at drawing Bodhisattvas and writing scriptures. His works have been selected and awarded in various painting and calligraphy exhibitions held at home and abroad.

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