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Zhou Zi Yi's Biography & Awards:

Zhou Zi Yi, born in Yongfu county that has a good name of the land of happiness and longevity of Guangxi in 1979. She graduated in Fashion Design from junior college, and holding professional apparel stylist qualification.

She was keen on painting from a child, and instructed by professionals in gouache, watercolor and traditional Chinese painting field. At school, she had attended the spot talent show held by college and won honorable mention. Her talent of drawing was deeply appreciated by her tutor professor Qi Lirong. Then she got to know the Guangxi famous painter Qi Wanli by the recommendation of her tutor. And she has a great progress in Chinese painting because of these predecessors’ instruction. After that, she learnt from the well-known painter Wang Maofei of Shanghai genre. Consequently she has made a groundbreaking performance in Figure painting again.

She have repeatedly taken part in folk mural working. Once she has finish the mural that its maximum area is 10m x5m independently. Presently she’s a professional graphic artist.




Her Figure sketch work "Waiting" won the third prize in " the 3rd Photography, Calligraphy and Artworks Exhibition in 2001" that held by Shenzhen DeChang Electrical machinery Plant;

Her traditional Chinese painting "My Sun" won the excellent award in "I paint the beauty of China" Calligraphy and Painting Competition held by Huaxia Art Talents
Research Society of Calligraphy and Panting;

Her traditional Chinese painting "Yun" won the third prize in " the Calligraphy and Painting Competition of Women's Day of Yongfu County ";

Her traditional Chinese painting "Ma Gu Xian Shou" won honorable mention in "the 3rd Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of the Yongfu International Cultural Festival of Happiness and Longevity".





Zhou Zi Yi's Pictures:

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Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

Zhou Zi Yi Zhou Zi Yi

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