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Zhou Peng Fei's Biography & Awards:

Zhou Peng Fei, also called Zhou Nanlv. He was born in a literary family of Guilin, Guangxi province in 1962. He instructed by his parental and loves calligraphy and painting very much since his childhood. He graduated from art departure of Guangxi Normal University. Earlier years he instructed by a famous landscape painter and had got the true point.

Based on his more than twenty years creation and study, he had strong traditional Chinese painting foundation. He traveled many famous mountains and rivers around China and sketched a lot from nature, final he formed his unique personal style and created many landscape paintings with both deep tradition and the flavor of new times. He had held his own exhibitions in Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi province and China Art Gallery, as well as China Hongkong and Taiwan, Japan, America, Canada etc.

In 1997, his excellent artwork "Ink-brushed Li River" was collected by the organizing committee of the 1997 national calligraphy and painting competition to celebrate Hongkong’s return.
In 1999, won the silver prize in Guangxi Ink Painting of Modern City Exhibition.
In 2002, won the silver prize in the Colorful Century-Guangxi Chinese Paing exhibition.
In 2003, was regarded as “Senior Honorary Academician” by Singapore Art Institute, and was employed as a senior calligrapher and painter.
In 2004, won the gold prize in Guangxi Chinese-painting Works Exhibition.
In 2005, was selected into “2005 National Chinese-painting Works Exhibition”.
In 2006, was selected into “2006 100 Jinling Chinese Paintings Exhibition”.

Based on his skillful ink-brush techniques and deep intensions, his artworks expressed his careful observations of life and the nature. His style is distinct personality, smooth lines, with fine details and profound artistic conception. His each artworks fully displayed his strong artistic foundation and presentation techniques. He is seeking an artistic realm which is harmoniously conbined with the freedom and the reality. His distinctive style and precious creation became a rare experience to the development of Chinese traditional art, and he have made outstanding contributions to Chinese calligraphy and painting art.

Now he is a member of China Artists Association, Guilin Artists Association and a honorary academician of Guangxi Normal University.

周鹏飞, 也叫周南绿,1962年生于广西桂林市一个书香世家,秉承家风,自幼喜爱书画,毕业于广西师范大学美术系。早年曾得著名山水画家指点,深得真传。





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Zhou Peng Fei Zhou Peng Fei

Zhou Peng Fei Zhou Peng Fei

Zhou Peng Fei Zhou Peng Fei

Zhou Peng Fei Zhou Peng Fei

Zhou Peng Fei Zhou Peng Fei

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