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Zhou Guang Yun's Biography & Awards:

Zhou Guang Yun, native of Yongzhou of Hunan province. His interest in literature and history motives him to study calligraphy. Being skilled in Semi-cursive script, Zhou is also able to write Cursive script, Clerical script and Lesser Seal Script. Af for Chinese painting, he goods at free hand bird&flower and animal painting which is in muted color tone with vivid expression that make it fresh and natural.

Zhou is now a distinguished Senior Painter of Creative Center of Hunan Painters and Calligraphers Association, and part of Hong Kong Oriental Cultural Center.



Lots of his art works were given awards and were published on the press, such as ‘Southern Morning Post’ and ‘Calligraphy Herald’, while they were embodied in many anthologies like ‘New Works of Contemporary Painters and Calligraphers’. Also, Zhou’s biography was included in ‘Who's who of Chinese Modern Artists’.


Zhou Guang Yun's Pictures:

Zhou Guang YunZhou Guang Yun
Zhou Guang Yun 

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Zhou Guang Yun Zhou Guang Yun

Zhou Guang Yun Zhou Guang Yun

Zhou Guang Yun Zhou Guang Yun

Zhou Guang Yun  

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