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Zhao Tian Ping's Biography & Awards:

Zhao Tian Ping, born in Hanzhong, Shanxi on Oct, 15, 1965. Now he is the contract-signing painter of Jilin Zhai, alias “Du Xing” or “Master of Jingxin Tang”.

He was born with the passion to drawing, when he was a naughty boy, he love drawing beside the road, on the wall and cliff. Since then, drawing is his shadow that companying him. After graduating from senior high school, he was admitted to Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art with outstanding result. Although he was born in a poor family, he never gives up the chances to learning panting. He lived on selling his paintings in his spare time. And the experiences of selling paintings on the street for a long time have strengthened his minds.

He majors in traditional landscape painting and be well-known with panting elephant. He exclusively creates two distinctive painting methods (Rou Zhi Cun Ca and Bei Ran) to make his artwork magnificent, glorious and stirring.

Mr. Zhao keeps on sketching the real scenery. He has travelled almost half of China and sightseen our country’s famous mountains and rivers. His works are mainly on realistic depiction and also combine Chinese and western painting methods together. His special painting skills make his painting well-arranged and stereoscopic and give the appreciators the immersive feelings.

He has participated in Beijing Autumn Youth Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, and his artworks “The Household on Qinling Mountain”, “Splendid Shanxi”, “The Ancientry” “and The Rain Stopped on Han River” has become the candidate and awarded. And some of his artworks were purchased by Singapore New Asian and Pacific Art Gallery with high price.

In 1999, he painted a 50 meters giant scroll “Steep and Beautiful Qinling Mountain” and took part in The World Art Expo, winning the excellent award.

赵天平,生于1965年10月15日,陕西省汉中人。杏林斋签约画家,号“独行” ,“静心堂主人” 。




曾参加北京金秋青年书画联展“秦岭人家” ,“锦绣三秦” ,“古风” ,“汉水雨霁”等大量作品入围并获奖,部分作品被新加坡新亚太艺苑以高价收购。


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Zhao Tian Ping Zhao Tian Ping

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