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Zhao Guo Lu's Biography & Awards:

Zhao Guo Lu, 赵国禄,字文德,号陋石,九华山居士,法名演懿,祖籍山东省邹平县人,现居北京。国家一级美术师,清华美院画家,中国麦圣石书画院副院长,山东美术家协会会员,北京时代金城画院院士, 北京梁邹书画院常务理事。

2009年就读于清华大学中国画高研班,2012年就读于中央美术学院高研班,受教于李小可、李燕、刘怀勇、梅墨生、张立辰、郭石夫、 王平、李铁生等导师,受益匪浅。作品风格独特,画面壮美多姿。

Zhao Guo Lu, also called Wende, or Lou Shi, Jiu Hua Ju Shi, or Yan Yi. He was born in Zou Ping County, Shandong Province. He lives in Beijing currently.

National first-level artist, painter of Qinghua Academy of Fine Arts, vice president of China Mai Shengshi Painting and Calligraphy Academy, member of Shandong Artists Association, academician of Beijing Times Jincheng Painting Academy, executive director of Beijing Liang Zou Painting and Painting Academy

In 2009, he studied at advanced Research Class of Tsinghua University Chinese Painting, and in 2012 he attended the Advanced Research Class in Central Academy of Fine Arts, taught by tutors such as Li Xiaoke, Li Yan, Liu Huaiyong, Mei Mosheng, Zhang Lichen, Guo Shifu, Wang Ping, Li Tiesheng. The style of the work is unique, the picture is magnificent and colorful.







Rewards History:

From 2005 to 2007, he awarded the second prize of the Shandong Academy of Art Training Course Completion Exhibition twice.

In 2006, he won the third prize of the "CCB Cup" Chinese painting exhibition sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture.

In 2008, he awarded “Excellent Works” in the "May 1st" Cultural Exhibition held by the Shandong Federation of Trade Unions and the Department of Culture.

In 2010, his works were selected in the "Harmonious Yan Zhao, Red Taihang" Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition sponsored by the China Art Association.

In 2011, he won the second prize of the Chinese Painting Exhibition of Tsinghua University Centennial Teachers and Students Alumni, and his works were collected by the school.

In 2012, his works were selected in national exhibitions organized by the China Artists Association for three times.

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