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Zhang Xin Hai's Biography & Awards:

Zhang Xin Hai, alias “Xin Hai”, was born in 1969 in a country of north Guangxi. He loves painting very much since he was young. He graduated from the art institute of Guangxi Normal University. He liked entering the life and paid much attention to the combination of sketch and art.

In1994, created “HeavyColor Landscape Painting” style by himself. His distinctive painting style was highly praised by many people from different fields.
In 2001, created “Burnt-Ink Sketching” painting style and made one more miracle in his painting life.
In 2006, was invited to take part in the “The 5th cross-strait Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” Held in Zhengzhou. His artwork "Winds amoung pines and the singing spring" won the “Essence-Prize”.
In 2006, took part in the “The great journey-the China Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Long March”. His artwork "The Ancient temple witnessed the Long March" won the Silver-Prize and he became a member of China Traditional Painters Association.

"The unexpected stone of Mountain Huang" won the Special-Prize in the 6th “Mountain-Huang Cup” National Competition of Art,Calligraphy, and Photography.

Now he is a member of China Traditional Painters Association, and as one of the “Talented-Persons of art and culture”, he was edited into the county annals of his hometown.

张家胜,笔名“馨海”,1969年出生于桂北山区,自幼即喜爱绘画, 毕业于广西师大美术系。喜走入生活,注重写生与艺术的融合。



Zhang Xin Hai's Pictures:

Zhang Xin HaiZhang Xin Hai
Zhang Xin HaiZhang Xin Hai

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