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Zhang Xiao Rong's Biography & Awards:

Zhang Xiao Rong, born in Guilin in 1943, the original general craftswoman in Guilin Handicraft Research Institute. Now she is a member of China Arts and Crafts Association, China Artists Association Guangxi Branch, Guilin Artists Association and the director of Guilin Staff Arts Association.

She has been engaged in arts and crafts'design and arts creation for a long time and won many excellent awards in national-level and provincial-level new production design competitions for seven times. In recent years, she devotes herself to Guilin landscapes Chinese painting and gradually forms her personal artistic style.

Her artworks were on show at home and aboard for many times, and were published on "People's Daily", "Jiangsu Pictorial", "Hunan Pictorial", "Nanfang Literature' and other newspapers and periodicals.



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