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Zhang Lin Xin's Biography & Awards:

Zhang Lin Xin, 张临信,男,生于1975年,学书初从柳公权《玄秘塔碑》、欧阳询《九成宫醴泉铭》入手,后广涉古今名家,醉心于笔歌墨舞,从二王法帖、启功、杨再春、毛泽东、李力生、秦胜国等古今名家处得益甚多。擅长行草书,现为广西防城港市书协会员,防城港市港口区书协理事。

Zhang Lin Xin, male, born in 1975, the study of calligraphy at the beginning from Liu Gongquan "mysterious tower tablet", Ouyang Xun "Jiucheng Palace sweet spring inscription" to start, after extensive involvement in ancient and modern masters, intoxicated by ink writing and painting, from the two Wang Fajie, Qigong, Yang Zaichun, Mao Zedong, Li Lisheng, Qin Shengguo and other ancient and modern masters to benefit a lot. He is now a member of the Guangxi Fangchenggang City Calligraphy Association and a member of the Port District Calligraphy Association of Fangchenggang City.









His works were selected in the "Celebration of the Eightieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" Fangchenggang City Calligraphy and Fine Arts Exhibition;

the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Fangchenggang City and the 35th Anniversary of the Founding of Hong Kong "Golden Flower Tea Art Exhibition";

The First Dunhuang International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition; National Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in commemoration of the 900th anniversary of the death of Su Dongpo;

The first "Southern Great Wall Cup" Painting and Calligraphy Grand Prix of China held by Hunan Provincial Literary Federation and Hunan Provincial Calligraphy Association.

First prize for calligraphy in the "Welcoming the New Century Calligraphy, Painting and Photography Exhibition" in the port area of Fangchenggang City.

First prize in the exhibition of calligraphy works celebrating the eightieth anniversary of the founding of the Party in the port district of Fangchenggang City.

Award of Excellence in the Chinese Painters and Calligraphers Exhibition.

"Huang Xing Cup", third prize in the National Painting and Calligraphy Competition.

The Second Prize of the Fifth Hope Cup National Painting and Calligraphy Competition for Teachers and Students.

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Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

Zhang Lin Xin Zhang Lin Xin

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