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Zhang Li You's Biography & Awards:

Zhang Li You, also called Zhang Yi, graduated from the Art Department of Guilin Normal College. He has been taught from the painting masters Tao Zheng De, and Shuai Li Gong who was rewarded as one of China One Hundered Famous Artists. His representative artworks including Touch Banyan Trees - a long roll with 787 inches of Chinese painting, are collected by companies and individual collectors.

He loves the old, traditional and mysterious things. He is very fond of expressing old but strong Banyan trees and age-old stockade villages. For many times going to the Dong minority villages, he create his own unique style. His artworks are born in his hard work and strong idea that they must firstly move himself then other persons.

Rewards History:

2000 Year: "Red Star" won the first prize in the First College Artwork Exhibition.

2001 Year: "With the green color spreading over mountains, the springs and birds contend to sing as the first." was selected into "Elites in Art Sea - Big Exhibition of Chinese Paintings and Calligrahpies" which was mainly run by China Cultural Ats Research Center.

2001 Year: "Li River Verve" was rewarded Silver Medal in the Forth Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Famous Artists Grand Competition.

2001 Year: "Li River Dream" was honored the Honorable Award in the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Big Exhibition of China Contemporary Artists.

2004 Year: "Guests to Ancient Stockade Village" was selected into the Art National Exhibition of the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, which was conducted by Chinese Fine Arts Association.

2005 Year: "Impression of the Dong Minority Vilage" was invited to the Second "the County Affection" Chinese Painting Artworks Nomination Exhibition.

2008 Year: One of his artworks about the Dong Minority Vilages " Luck Clouds Bring Blessing" was selected into the First China Mountains and Rivers Annual Art Exhitition mainly run by Chinese Fine Arts Association.

2010 Year: "The love to Dong family" was selected into the 2010 China National Chinese-Painting Works Exhibition.

2010 Year: "The third series of The love to Dong family" was selected into the 2nd Chinese Landscape Art Biennial Exhibition.

Some of his artworks was incorporated the Classic Writing of Century World Artists, the Fantastic Artwork of China Contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Artists, the China Young Artists Portfolio of the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China.








2008年 侗寨作品<<祥云祈福>>入选由中国美协主办的"首届中国山水艺术双年展;

2010年 作品《侗家情丝》入选2010年全国中国画作品展;

2010年 作品《侗家情丝系列之三》入选第二届中国山水艺术双年展。


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Zhang Li YouZhang Li You
Zhang Li YouZhang Li You

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Zhang Li You Zhang Li You

Zhang Li You Zhang Li You

Zhang Li You Zhang Li You

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