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Zhang Fu Min's Biography & Awards:

Zhang Fu Min, born in Handan city of Hebei province in 1961, graduated from the Art Department of Hebei Light Industry School. He enjoys drawing since his childhood, and searches bitterly on the way to Chinese painting for decades. His works which have attended provincial and national painting shows for many times are kept by many people and units interiorly and abroad. Zhang is now a member of Hebei Artist Association, one of the first-class artists of Chinese International Artist Association Council, and the professor of Jiuzhou Art College of Zhaodu. He migrated to Beijing in 2003. His work The Generosity of Land awarded the second class prize of Hebei Multi-arts Match in 1989.


Awarded the Bronze prize on National Youth Painting Show in 1993.
The work Spring Aroma attended the contemporary ink art show that memorizing the return of Hong Kong.
Attended the Shanghai Art Expo in 2002.
Attended Chinese Art Showing in Australia in 2004, works were collected by a local charity.
Works were collected by Taiwanese in 2005.
Awarded the second-class prize of National Contemporary Painting Show about Landscape in 2006.
Attended the Margin Dreams Painting Show in Song Mansion in 2007, works were collected by Singapore friends.
Works were collected by the Global Chinese Committee of the Colorful Ink and Brushes welcoming Olympic Games in 2008.
Awarded a Nice-work prize on National Calligraphy and Painting Match of the Charming of Taihang monument in 2009.
Two works the Spring View at the Ferry Shi and the Autumn Feel on Mt. Yan were collected and incorporated into works book attending the painting show of Creative Base of State Enterprise Calligraphy and Painting Association in Mar. 2010.
The work Early Spring in Taihang awarded the Silver prize on Henan National Painting Match of Chinese Cup in May 2010.
Attended the Chinese Famous Artists donation activity for the great earthquake in Japan held in Yunnan on Mar. 19th, 2011.


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