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Yun Qing's Biography & Awards:

Yun Qing, was born in 1954 in Guangxi province. He graduated from the 1st Chinese Correspondence College of Calligrapgy and Painting. He was good at Chinese landscape painting. Based on the foundation of the traditional skills, he added modern ideas to make his works have gentle expression and profound artistic conception.

In recent years, he had been to many mountains and rivers of China for many times, collected abundant subjects, and formed his unique innovative style with fresh subject and vivid color. His artworks were published by many magazines or newspapers and won many prizesin the artistic exhibition, and widely collected by the people of vision from America, Japan, and Taiwan,etc.

He is a contemporary true-power professional painter, and his chinese painting "The scenery is more beautiful in the misty green-hills" won the Excellence Award in the 3rd National Calligraphy and Painting Competition.




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