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Ye Liu's Biography & Awards:

Ye Liu, alias Liu Honglin, who was born in Liaoning Province in 1948. He apprenticed under professors Bai Duozhai, Jiang Yunong and Ma Jin in his small years, learning seal cutting, calligraphy and Chinese painting. From 1969 to 1984, Liu spent time with famous artist Wang Senran who is the professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts. From 1975 to 1979, he was taught by master Li Kuchan. Liu was commended by Qi Liangchi who is the son of master Qi Baishi for his works are full of scholarlinesss.

Artist Ye Liu is good at bold free hand bird&flower painting as well as calligraphy. His masterpice reaches a total length of 100 m, being completed in one go; opuscula is rich in ethereal beauty and interest. Moreover, Liu is quite accomplished in poetry. He always inscribes his works with poems.

Artist Ye Liu was titled one of 100 famous contemporary artists of Chinese painting, his paintings have great potential for appreciation. Now he is part of council of Chinese Fine Arts and Crafts Association; advanced craft artist; member of Chinese International Institution of Chinese painting and Calligraphy; member of Chinese Sodality of Painters and Calligraphers; member of China Collector of Penmanship&Painting Association; academician of Society of Chinese poetry; first-grade painter of Beijing Heping Gallery.

野柳, 名柳宏林,学者,1948年生于辽宁。幼年拜原京华美专、国立艺专教授白铎斋、蒋雨农、马晋先生门下学习篆刻、书法及绘画;1969年至1984年从师中央美院教授,著名教育家、著名画家王森然先生;1975年至1979年曾受教于国画大师李苦禅先生。齐白石大师的儿子齐良迟先生称赞野柳的作品“文人气息十足”。



The art works of Ye Liu were ever exhibited in 19 countries and regions. His masterpieces “Hundred turtle” (hand scroll) and “Inky Plum Blossom” (hand scroll) brought down the house when they were showed in “China-Japan Friendship Joint Exhibition of Young Artists” which was held in Nagoya of Japan, and they were collected by foreign collectors.

Hand scrolls “Hundred Pigeon” and “Hundred Pigeon Express Good Wishes for Peace” were collected by Great Hall of the People and The Central Committee of the Communist Young League respectively.

The biography of Ye Liu was embodied in “Annals of Cities of China: the Volume of Famous Artists of Beijing” in December, 2006.

His painting “Spring of Peace” was embodied in “Annals of China Cultural Heritage” in April, 2007.

Artworks “Golden Autumn of October · Harmonious China” and “Spring Tide Surges on Both Sides of Canal” was published in “Annals of Chinese Paintings” in June, 2007.

Art work “Again Vernal Wind Blows” was awarded Gold Prize of Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Famous Artists' works for Commemorating 10th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong in July, 2007.

In July, 2007, Ye Liu was invited by Chinese Collectors of Painting and Calligraphy Association to participated in “Hundred Famous Artists Art Exhibition”. His painting “Spring of Peace” had a roadshow in Shen Zhen and Hong Kong. Meanwhilem it was published in “10th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong · Anthology of Hundred Artists' Artworks”.

In July, 2007, Ye Liu was invited to create the painting--“Ode to Peace · Morning Glow” and a couplet for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. People’s Daily made a special report for that.

In August, 2007, Ye Liu as a special representative jointed in the celebration of one-year countdown of Beijing Olympic Games. Also, Ye Liu created a lot of paintings and jointed public activities by invitation in order to bolster Beijing Olympic Game.










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