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Yang Wan Min's Biography & Awards:

Yang Wan Min, was born in 1971 in Hei Long Jiang province. He graduated from the art department of Haerbing Normal University. He learned painting from the masters Feng Dazhong, Gao Huimin and Lu Yushun in North China when he was young. For now he has been painting for more than 30 years and gotten some achievments on painting landscape, birds&flowers, fish and insects, especially good at painting manchurian tigers.

He has been sketching and viewing the manchurian tigers in the zoo for a long time. He added the special techniques of Burnt Ink and silk into the traditional painting foundation. The tigers in his paintings have lifelike furs, sharp and vivid eyes, precise and lively shapes and the vigour of the king of beasts!

His artworks were exhibited in national and international exhibitions for many times, and were well-liked by people and the collectors at home and abroad.

In 1996, won the golden prize in the national Huaxia Art Exhibition.

In 1999, attended Beijing Art Exchange Centre Exhibition, published a painting album and had the honour to get a title of “Artists”.

In 2003, won the silver prize in national Calligraphy and Painting Art Exhibition.

In 2006, he published his own painting album.








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Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

Yang Wan Min Yang Wan Min

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