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Yan Zhan Ping's Biography & Awards:

Yan Zhan Ping, alias Yan Yi Zhou, born in 1974. He is the native of Xinyu city which is the hometown of Traditional Chinese Painting Master Fu Baoshi, Jiangxi province.

In 1996, he graduated in art from Fine Arts Department of Jiangxi Normal University. Good at traditional Chinese painting. In 2000, he took famous painter Wang Maofei as his teacher when he looked for a job in Shenzhen. His teacher deeply appreciate him because he’s diligent and eager to learn knowledge. Then he got guidance again from Lu Zhonghan who is the director of Shenzhen Artists Association and Wu Jianfeng who had a title of "Jinling Xia Wang" and other famous painters. Presently he’s a professional painter.

In his view, the contemporary Chinese painting cannot either totally abandon the tradition for the progress of society and changes of lifestyle, or excluded the tradition for the different style of different era. The only way for Chinese painting is to keep pace with the time.

His style is rich in changes, mixing the merits of various genres together and turn them into his own characteristic. Just as the introduction that his teacher Wang Maofei wrote on his long landscape scroll indicated: " painters get inspiration only from painting " is not only praise but also encouragement.





In 1992, he won the second prize in "the 2nd Reds Cup National Calligraphy and Painting Competition";

In 1994, his painting was selected in "I love China" Calligraphy and Painting Competition that held by Huaxia Art Talents Research Society of Calligraphy and Panting;

1997-2003, he won the first prize, outstanding winner and other awards in " Shenzhen Deichang Calligraphy and Painting Competition" for five sessions;

In 2000, his painting was selected in the "Nuclear Engineering Cup" Calligraphy and Painting Competition of Jiangxi province";

In 2000, he won the second prize in "the Vanguard Cup" Calligraphy and Painting Competition of Jiangxi province";

In 2001, he won the third prize in "the 12th Shenzhen Civic Calligraphy and Painting Competition for celebrating the National Day";

In 2005, he won the second prize in "the Hua Kuang cup" Calligraphy and Painting Competition of Jiangxi province;

In 2005, he held the personal art exhibition in Xinyu city of Jiangxi province and won praise from various sectors.










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Yan Zhan Ping 

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Yan Zhan Ping Yan Zhan Ping

Yan Zhan Ping Yan Zhan Ping

Yan Zhan Ping Yan Zhan Ping

Yan Zhan Ping Yan Zhan Ping

Yan Zhan Ping Yan Zhan Ping

Yan Zhan Ping  

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