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Yan Shao Bin's Biography & Awards:

Yan Shao Bin, alias Yan Jian Min, was born in Guangxi. Good at landscape and bird&flower painting. Now Yan lives in Shenzhen.

He became a student of Correspondence College of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy for further study in 1988, learning from professors Huang Dufeng, Bai Xiaojun, Tan Zhengrong and so forth, and also had a chance to communicate with masters Xu Jiayu and Yang Mandi. He made much progress in painting after graduation.

Titles: part of Guangxi Branch of Chinese Artists Association, Guilin Branch of Guangxi Artists Association, Chinese Association for the advancement of the Fine Arts of Minority and Shenzhen Artists Association. The Executive Vice-President of Guilin Yayuan Academy of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, the Director of Guilin Society of Chinese Painting, and the Executive Director of International Fine Arts Institute.




A lot of his paintings were given awards of art expositions at home and aboard, and were collected by many institutions.

Two of his works-- ‘A Beautiful Place’ and ‘Seeking the Master but not Meeting’ were selected to be exhibited in the Oil Painting and Chinese Painting Exposition that was held in May of 2001;

The painting ‘After Rain’ was selected to be exhibited in the Art Exhibition of the 5th National Hundred Flowers Awards in September of 2001;

The painting ‘Frosted leaves are As Red As the Spring Flowers’ was embodied in the book ‘Artworks in the Exhibition for the 30th Anniversary of the Friendship Between China and Japan;

In November, 2002, Yan joined in the ‘Chinese Paintings by Guangxi Famous Artists Exhibition’ on invitation;

In February, 2003, he held personal art show in Guilin Museum;

In September, 2003, he joined in the China-Korea Art Exhibition that held in Guilin on invitation;

In December, 2003, one of his painting named ‘Waterfalls from High Mountains’ was selected to be exhibited in ‘Guilin Fine Arts Exposition for Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Mao Zedong’;

In 2004, the book ‘Yan Shaobin’s Paintings’.










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