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Xie Wen Quan's Biography & Awards:

Xie Wen Quan, born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1973. He loves painting since he was a child and was instructed carefully by famous painters. He majors in flowers and birds, as well as landscape.

He learns painting skills from modern famous flower-and-bird painters such as Wang Xuetao, Sun Qifeng and Xiao Lang and further learning from Wang Changshuo and Shitao's skills to apply them into his flower-and-bird paintings. So he excels in freehand flower-and-bird paintings.

And for his landscape paintings, he treats Wang Meng's style as his major research field. His styles are fresh, refined and elegant. And his artworks have rigorous and concise composition and fine and smooth ink brush, which are in sharp contrast with modern freehand brushworks.

The source materials of his artwork derive from the life but are higher than life. And he pays attention to emotional experience. His artworks won the many prizes in the national calligraphy and painting competition. And some of them were compiled into "The Chinese Painters and Calligrapher's Excellent artworks Collection” and other books.





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