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Wu Jian Guo's Biography & Awards:

Wu Jian Guo, 吴建国,男,1958年生,祖籍江苏。弱冠之年考入北京师范大学书法系,2004年就读于北京大学艺术学系首届书法研究生班。现为中国书画家协会理事、中国文化艺术发展促进会会员,中国书法艺术研究院特聘书法家。




Wu Jian Guo, male, born in 1958, his ancestral home is in Jiangsu Province. He admitted to the Calligraphy Department of Beijing Normal University when he was 20 years old. In 2004, he studied in the first term of calligraphy graduate class at the Art Department of Peking University. Currently, he is a director of the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association, a member of the China Culture and Art Development Promotion Association, and a specially invited calligrapher of the China Calligraphy Art Research Institute.

Mr. Wu worked diligently for decades, he devoted to calligraphy research mainly, and achieved certain accomplishments and achievements in calligraphy art. He advocates the unity of calligraphy both in form and inner beauty.

His calligraphy works selected and exhibited in the first China-Japan Public Call for Works Exhibition hosted by the Society of Chinese Calligraphers, the third Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition of newcomers, the second National Couplet Calligraphy Exhibition, the World Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, and the first national youth Awarded the Art Calligraphy Exhibition.

His works have been included in the "Chinese Contemporary Calligrapher's Dictionary", "Contemporary Chinese Literati Calligraphy Dictionary", "Han Mo Song 'Cao Sheng'", "Chinese Calligraphy Masters' Grand View" and other classics, and collected by some domestic and foreign research institutions Collection of calligraphy and painting. Be horned with the title of "De Yi Shuang Xin Calligraphy Artist".

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