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Wu Chao Li's Biography & Awards:

Wu Chao Li, was born in Dalian of Liaoning Province in 1954, that is a graduate of Central Academy of Fine Art. She is skilled in watercolor painting, and now is part of Guangxi branch of Chinese Artists Association, Vice-chairman of Guangxi Association for Women Artists, part of Guilin Watercolor Arts Council and Guilin Art Center. Her works were ever exhibited in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and so forth, and were awarded a lot.


In 1985, her ink wash paintings “Sunrise of Li river” and “Walking in a pictorial world” were given a second price of China-Japan Ink Wash Arts Exhibition;

In 1986, three of her artworks were selected to the Watercolor Exhibition of Six Provinces that held in Hong Kong;

In 1992, her ink wash painting “A Day in Autumn” was given a second price of The First National Exhibition of Paintress;

In 1997, her watercolor “Shi Thou Zhai in the sun” was awarded in national fine arts competition;

In 2000, her watercolor “Old mountain village” was selected into national fine arts exhibition;

In 2002, her watercolor “Households in the Mountains” was selected into Twenty-First Century National Exhibition of Chinese Paintings that held in Australia. In the same year, her watercolor “Autumn in the Forest” was collected by Shenzhen Museum;

In 2003, her watercolor “Golden Homeland” was given Bronze Award of provincial exhibition;

In 2004, her watercolor “Autumnal Wood” was selected into the 29th Japanese International Fine Arts Exhibition.










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