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Wang Yu's Biography & Awards:

Wang Yu, titled as Huayang scholar, was born in Huayang township in 1962 as his hometown in Laiyang Shandong. Wang once was in the service for PLA in Lanzhou Military Area Command when 17 years old. Wang loves painting since childhood. After three decades of hardworking in art field, he has come to his own style basing on traditions.

Wang is a contracted painter of New York Times Gallery of USA, a director of Chinese Artists Association and the honor-president of the Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Jiangdu. Titled as a Skilled Painter of China by Guangming Daily, Wang has his works sold to USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Recently, Wang's works have got prizes from time to time on the painting shows interiorly and abroad. And his 5-meter-long giant painting The Great Wall, which was painted for Swiss Chinese Association in 2009, is well appreciated widely.



Awarded the Second-class prize on the First Chinese Painting Show in Lanchow military area command in 1980.
Awarded the Silver prize on the Chinese Four-season Arts Show in 1991.
Awarded the Freshman New Works prize on the 8th national arts show in 1992.
Awarded the Nice Works prize on the Brilliant Times – National Painting Show in 1998.
Awarded the Silver prize on the Century Alternating – Colorful Century Chinese Painting Show in 2000.
Attended the Anniversary National Chinese Painting Show in Dalian in 2001.
One of his works showed on the 10th National Arts Show was incorporated into The Chinese Painting Works of Contemporary Famous Painters – Landscape Volume in 2004.
His work The Golden Brilliance was invited to attend the Contemporary Famous Stars’ Ink Works Show of Prosperous Times in 2007, also, attended the Best One Hundred Outstanding Chinese Youth Painters’ Show.
Two gigantic works the Twilight above Mt. Hua and the Pines Whistling on Mt. Yellow were collected by the New York Academy of Chinese Painting Research in the US in 2008.

1980年 兰州军区首届中国画作品展中获二等奖
1991年 “中国四季”美展银奖
1992年 全国八次美展”新人新作奖”
1998年 时代风彩—全国写生展佳作奖
2000年 世纪之交—七彩世纪中国画大展银奖
2001年 大连国际中国画年展
2004年 第十届全国美展 作品入编古吴轩出版《当代国画名家图典.山水卷》

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