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Wang Yu Kun's Biography & Awards:

Wang Yu Kun, was born in 1937 in Shaoyang, Hunan province. Also called Yihong, Baiyu, Tuofu, or “the master of Qingyin-ge”. Now he is a member of Hei Long Jiang Branch of China Calligraphers Association, China Poetry Association, and JiaMuSi Calligraphers Association, as well as the president of JiaMuSi Old-age Calligraphers Association.

He has been invited to many provincial and city exhibitions and awarded a lot. His artworks were selected into the exhibitions of Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan and Singapore etc. His artworks were collected by more than ten museums and edited into more than twenty albums.

Selected into "The Contemporary Chinese Famous Calligraphers' Couplet Writings Selection".
Selected into "Chinese Famous Masters’ Calligraphy and Painting Works".
Selected into "Dayu-Cup National Calligraphers and Painters’ Works".



“学书悟妙理 做事求真知”入编《当代中国书法名家楹联墨迹选》;
“千秋笔墨擎天地 万里云山入画圃”入编《大禹杯全国书画家作品集》。

Wang Yu Kun's Pictures:

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Wang Yu Kun Wang Yu Kun

Wang Yu Kun Wang Yu Kun

Wang Yu Kun Wang Yu Kun

Wang Yu Kun Wang Yu Kun

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