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Wang Yu Dong's Biography & Awards:

Wang Yu Dong, was born in 1969 in Yuncheng, Shangdong province. He had profound family origin and never stop painting for 20 years. He was good at Chinese landscape painting and had travelled to Tai mountain, Taihang Mountain and Huang mountain for many times to sketch from nature. During his creation, he put the western skills to Chinese painting and made his artworks more vivid and distinctive.

He had won the third prize in Tianjing Youth Calligraphy and Painting Competition, the second prize in the 2nd “Shuihu Cup” Calligraphy and Painting Competition.

In 2002, he held "Yudong Landscape Paintings Exhibition - celebrate the 5th anniversary of Hongkong Return".
In 2005, he held "Loving Taihang" painting exhibition in Shandong Dayu art gallery and was highly recognized and praised by people in calligraphy and painting field.
In 2009, he was honored with “Chinese Patriotic Artists” title. He also won the golden prize in the international calligraphy and painting exchange exhibition and was honored with the “international calligraphy and painting exchange contribution” award and the “international excellent calligraphers and painters” title.
In 2010, his artworks were on-show in Jiangsu Art Gallery in September.

Many of his artworks were published in "Calligraphy and Painting Review", "Art China Newspaper", and "Heze Daily" etc. His artworks were very popular and he became a young landscape painter with high potential.

Now he is a member of Shandong International Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute, Heze Mudan Painting Institute and a painter of Henan Shaolin Painting Institue.






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Wang Yu Dong 

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