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Wang Yong Bin's Biography & Awards:

Wang Yong Bin, is a Chinese painting painter from Tongxuan of Beijing. He was born in 1944. Now he is living in Longnan, Gansu province. He is addicted to the landwscapes and painting. He loves reading history books and is indifferent to fame and fortune.

Mr. Wang was good at figure painting and landscape painting. His figure paintings had vivid form, realistic look, fine details and smooth lines. His landscape paintings had profound artistic conception, natural ink-brush, grand composition and they were very attractive. Based on the traditions, he paid attention to the creation of ink-brush. His artworks were filled with the simple and ancient traditional painting style and full-bodied flavor of the times. They had distinct artistic features.

His Chinese paintings were shown in the important painting exhibitions at home and abroad for many times and he awarded a lot. He was edited into more than eighty dictionaries and painting albums such as: “Chinese Famous Artists Dictionary”, ”China Art Works Collection(1949-2000)”, “World Celebrities Dictionary”, “2000-100 Chinese Painting Painters”, “The Contemporary Chinese Painting”, “China Art Collection(100 Years Classics)”, “World Famous Contemporary Chinese Paintings Sellection” etc.

More than 200 his Chinese paintings were published in “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting”, “Painters of Chinese Painting”, “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper”, “Collectors(HK)’, “Art World(HK)” etc. Some of his artworks were shown in the exhibitions and collected in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan, Hongkong.

Now he is a member of China Calligraphers Association, China Artists Association and Gansu Artists Association, and the honorary president of Chinese Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute.

His excellent artworks:

In 1996, “Painting of Li Bai’s Poem-To Wang Lun” won the gold award in the 2nd “Princes Cup” Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Across the Taiwan Strait.

In 1996, “The Tang Dynasty Girls Playing Polo” won the excellent award in “Chinese calligraphy and painting artworks exhibition”.

In 1999, “Confucius On A Tour” was shown in the calligraphy and painting exhibition to celebrate his 2550th birthday and collected by the organizing committee.

In 1999, “Dai Family Girls” won “the creations of the century masters” award in 1999 international year of the elderly-Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibition.

In 1999, “Happy Snowing Area” won the excellent award in the “Chinese Century Light-Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition”.

In 1999-2000, “Painting of Wang Wei’s Poetry”, “The Spring Garden” were respectively selected into the 3rd and 4th Asian Masters Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition(Taiwan).

In 2000, “Misty Paradise” was exhibited in Chinese Painting Exhibition and collected by the organizing committee.

In 2000, “Zhaojun Goning Abroad” won the bronze award in 2000 World Chinese Art Exhibition.

In 2001, The Chinese Ghostbuster” won the special award in the 5th Chinese Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.

In 1997-2001, “Flying”, “Xizhi Likes Goose”, “Dongpo Lets the Crane Go” were respectively selected into the 2nd,3rd and 4th China-Japan Yiyuan Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition in Japan.

In 2002, “Tadzhikistan Wedding Customs-Welcome the Bride” won the gold award in the works of famous calligraphers and painters from 14 countries exhibition in Bangkok Chinese Painting Institute, and was reported in Thailand’s “New Central Plains Newspaper”.



其国画作品曾多次参加国内外许多重要画展并多次获奖。列入《中国美术家名人大辞典》、《中国美术选集(1949-2000)》、《世界名人录》、《2000•中国画百家》、《现代中国绘画》、《中国美术全集(百年经典)》、《世界当代著名国画家精品集 》等辞典、画册八十余部。















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