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Wang Yan Guang's Biography & Awards:

Wang Yan Guang, 王延广,笔名雪松,号松龄山人,出生于文化底蕴浓厚的山东淄博。



Wang Yan Guang, pen name “snow pine”, alias Song Ling recluse. He was born in Zibo, Shandong Province, where is with rich culture and heritage.

He graduated from the Correspondence University of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. In his early years, he was influenced by the landscape painter Wang Laixia.
He studied under the ink master Zhao Zhenke (Chen He), the famous color ink painter Zeng Gang, and the director of the China Academy of Ice and Snow Painting.

He is a specially-appointed painter of the China Academy of Ice currently and Snow Painting Art, a director of China Dragon Soul Painting and Calligraphy Academy,
an academician of Zhongyimeng Public Welfare Painting and Calligraphy Academy, the director of Mo Yazhai Painting and Calligraphy Academy, and a member of
the Zibo Artists Association.

He loved painting since childhood, and has been diligent in art. He learned from ancients’ artworks and nature and keep studying. He is good at Chinese landscapes,
birds& flowers paintings.


Reward history:
In 2016, his work won the gold prize in the "China Dream Cup" Painting and Calligraphy Competition;

In 2016, he won the Hong Kong Sun Yat-sen's 150th Birthday Painting and Calligraphy Competition with the Most Market Potential Award;
Collected into the cultural and artistic talent pool by the Cultural and Artistic Center of the Ministry of Culture.

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