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Wang Xuan's Biography & Awards:

Wang Xuan, 王宣,福建泉州人,职业书法家,书风大气磅礴,雄奇稳健,作品融入画理,和画的有机结合,聚散疏密,气韵生动,变化奇诡,将汉字注入灵性,趣味横生。其章法布局独僻蹊径,犹如华美乐章,有极强的视觉冲击力。

Wang Xuan, come from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, he is a professional calligrapher. The style of his writing is grand and magnificent, majestic and steady. His works are integrated and combined with painting, scattered and dense, vivid charm, strange changes, it made the Chinese characters spirituality and funny. The unique layout like a magnificent music movement, which has a strong visual impact.

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Wang Xuan Wang Xuan

Wang Xuan Wang Xuan

Wang Xuan Wang Xuan

Wang Xuan Wang Xuan

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