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Wang Wen Qiang's Biography & Awards:

Wang Wen Qiang, 王文强,职业画家,国家一级美术师。1964年出生于北京,幼成家教,后随刘继卣大师学习中国画。八十年代入燕京书画社。现为文化部艺术发展中心中国书画院会员,中国职业画家协会会员,中国美术家协会北京分会会员,北京市汲阁书画鉴定师,刘继卣书画研究会理事,真风堂书画院院长。作品承袭刘氏画风,被海内外画廊及收藏家收藏。


Wang Wenqiang, a professional painter and national first-class artist. Born in Beijing in 1964, he became a private tutor at a young age and later studied Chinese painting with Master Liu Ji You. Joined Yanjing calligraphy and painting Club in the 1980s. He is now a member of the Chinese Academy of Painting and Calligraphy of the Art Development Center of the Ministry of Culture, a member of the China Professional Painters Association, a member of the Beijing Branch of the China Artists Association, a painting and calligraphy appraiser of Ji Ge in Beijing, a director of the Liu Ji You Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, and the president of Zhenfeng Tang calligraphy and painting Academy.

As a contemporary Chinese painter, Mr. Wang Wenqiang is an excellent painter in the fields of brushwork, heavy color, small freehand and large freehand, and his subject matter is very comprehensive, not only animals, but also birds and flowers, landscape and figures. He is most famous for his paintings of walking animals.

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Wang Wen Qiang 

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