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Wang Jing Hao's Biography & Awards:

Wang Jing Hao, was born in August of 1969 in Quanzhou, Guangxi province. Also called Wuhan, alias Xiang-pan-shan-nong, Qing-long-ju-shi and the master of Shu-ying-xuan.

He loves the art of calligraphy and painting very much since his childhood. From 1990 he started to sell paintings for a possession, and travelled to many famous mountains and great river in north and south of China to widen the sight and mind, as well as making friends with same hobbies. He was trying to practice his ideal "reading a million books and travelling a million miles " and "search all kinds of the majestic mountains as the painting draft".

In the 80s of 20 century, he studied calligraphy from Mr. WuChunDao. He never stop painting and started to study Chinese painting and seal cutting and learn from Prof.Chen Diguo.

In 1992 his Chinese painting "landscape" won the first prize in "the Chinese cup"and "the hope cup" national painting and calligraphy competition.

In 1997 his alligraphy work won the first prize in the Chinese calligraphy, painting and photography art exhibitions to welcome the Return of Hongkong.

In 2001,he was invited to Shanghai to show his calligraphy and poetry talent by Shanghai National Painting Institute and National Culture Calligraphy and Poetry Institute, and he was employed as a member of Shanghai National Culture Calligraphy and Poetry Institute.

In 2002, he was employed as a visiting lecturer of calligraphy and painting by Beijing Youzhou Art Institute.

In 2004, he was invited to Taiwan Taipei to demonstrate "TBSP calligraphy" stunts.

In2005, he was special reported by Guilin TV on "TBSP calligraphy" technique in October. Later, this program was also reported by Guangxi TV, Southeast TV, shandong television, Hunan TV.

In 2005, he accepted the interview of Guilin Evening Paper on October 31. Some of his calligraphy, books, paintings and copies works were collected by the people from Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan etc.

Now he is a member of Guilin Calligraphers Association, a special painter of Guangxi Guilin Rawmand Resort Hotel and Beijing Youzhou Art Institute. He also is a member of Chinese Poetry Academy and World Artists Association.












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