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Wang Jian Hui's Biography & Awards:

Wang Jian Hui, 王建辉,男,号誉虎堂主人,受家庭熏陶酷爱绘画,自幼就显露出对艺术的天赋与挚爱。曾受教于中国著名画家冯大中先生,擅画工笔走兽,主攻画虎,多年来勤学苦练,形成了自己独特的绘画风格。其笔下的虎常被人们称为犹如“猛虎下山,气壮山河”。



Wang Jian Hui, male, alternative name is the master of Tiger Hall, loves painting and has shown his talent and love for art since he was young.
He was taught by Mr. Feng Dazhong, a famous Chinese painter who was good at painting animals, mainly tigers. His tigers are often described as "fierce tigers descending from the mountains, strong mountains and rivers".

He is now a member of Henan Provincial Artists Association, a senior academician of Chinese Academy of Arts and Calligraphy and Painting, a member of Henan Calligraphy and Painting Association, a member of Chinese Painters' Association, a council member of Chinese Professional Painters' Association, a visiting professor of Shangqiu Vocational and Technical College, and an art advisor of Liaoning Overseas Chinese Exchange Promotion Association. His paintings of Thousand Tigers and Hundred Tigers scrolls were bought by
clients for more than 200,000 yuan each, and are very popular in the painting market.

Since 2005, his works have been exhibited in Henan Provincial Museum, Beijing International Exhibition Center, China Art Museum and other countries and regions such as Japan,
Korea and Singapore, and have been collected by collectors at home and abroad as well as Chinese party and government organs and state leaders. More than ten media such as People's Daily, Henan Daily, CCTV, Henan TV, etc. have made special reports on Mr. Wang Jianhui and he was hailed as "Chinese Tiger King Rising Star".



2009年11月, 作品《牡丹》入选“河南省第十四届美术新人新作展”。

2009年12月,参加在韩国举办的 “丹青墨绿-中日韩书画名家作品巡回交流展”。






2013年3月 ,被辽宁省华侨国际交流促进会聘请为艺术顾问。







In September 2008, his works "Playful Picture", "Tiger's Head" and "Descending Tiger" were selected in the first Henan Province New Rural Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.

In January 2009, the work (Flower and Bird) won the Excellent Prize in the Thirteenth New Artists and New Works Exhibition of Henan Province.

In November 2009, her work Peony was selected in the 14th Henan Provincial Art Exhibition of New Artists and New Works.

In December 2009, she participated in the "Dan Qing Ink Green -China, Japan and Korea Painting and Calligraphy Masterpieces Touring Exchange Exhibition" held in South Korea.

In December 2009, the work "Xiongfeng" was exhibited in the "Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, the Exchange Exhibition
of Works by Chinese, Japanese and Korean Painters and Calligraphers", and was collected by the National Assembly of Korea.

In December 2009, he participated in the "China-Japan-Korea Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" held in Japan and was awarded the title of "Outstanding Artist".

In January 2010, he took part in the "Ten Tigers of the South of the Yangtze River to celebrate the New Year. In January 2010, he participated in the charity activity of
"Ten Tigers of the South of the Yangtze River to celebrate the New Year and warm the Central Plains with love".

In December 2010, the work "Crouching Tiger Xiongfeng" won the Excellence Award in the "15th Henan Province Art Exhibition of New Artists".

In December 2010, his work "The Heroic Spirit of Heaven and Earth" won the third prize in the "First Tiger Painting Exhibition" in Henan Province.

In March 2013, she was hired by Liaoning Overseas Chinese International Exchange Promotion Association as an art advisor.

In March 2013, he was invited to be a senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Arts, Calligraphy and Painting.

In June 2013, he was hired by Shangqiu Vocational and Technical College as a visiting professor.

In August 2014, her brush painting "Five Blessings (Tiger)" won the gold medal in the "Contemporary Art Achievement Exhibition and Contemporary Artists Conference".

In April 2014, his work "Swallowing Mountains and Rivers" was selected for the First National Painting and Calligraphy Invitational Exhibition in Kyoto Cultural Industrial Park.

In October 2015, he was appointed as the director of Shangqiu branch of China General Painting and Calligraphy Institute.

In October 2016, the work "Uphill Tiger" won the first prize in the "Fine Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" held by China General Painting and Calligraphy Institute.

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