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Wang Gui Qiu's Biography & Awards:

Wang Gui Qiu, Chinese young real power faction painter, graduated from Fine Art Department of Henan University, later had a further education in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He was instructed by many painting masters such as Mr. Feng Dazhong, Mr. Ji Zefu, Mr. Tang Jian, etc. And now he is a member of Heze Artists Association. He majored in Gongbi (fine brushwork) animals especially drawing tiger, Tibetan mastiff and other fierce animals, as well as writing Chinese Regular Script, Official Script and Running Script, and be called "The King of Tiger head".

Recent years, he has a new breakthrough in figure painting after he exclusively created long hair painting skills of Gongbi animals, combing well with Chinese ink and Gongbi to display those Gongbi animals’ fresh vitality on untreated Xuan Paper. He established his unique artistic style in artwork skills and artistic conception and formed an irreplaceable high-level art language.

His works has been on show on “The 10th National Art Exhibition”, “China Beijing International Art Biennale Exhibition Sequence”, “2006 National Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition”, “The National Fine Art Exhibition for Commemorating Mao Zedong’s Talk at Yan’an Forum on Art and Literature”, and “Yangtze River Praise-The National Chinese Paintings Nomination Exhibition”.
Also, his works won the prizes in national exhibition for many times and were invited to take part in large scale art show held at home and overseas and Southeast Asia countries, which obtain good appreciations.

The people’s network of People’s Daily, Beijing Daily, Channel Collecting the All, Travel Channel, China Today Forum, Flower-and-Bird Painting Research Institute has run full-page detailed reports about his artworks.

In 2005, 12 pieces of his artwork were compiled into “Chinese Contemporary Artworks Complete Works of Flowers and Birds Volume". Among them, one piece work of two tigers “Snow Love Song” was selected to be a cover protector in "Chinese Contemporary Artworks Complete Works of Flowers and Birds Volume Ⅱ".

In 2006, he was invited twice to hold theme painting exhibition on Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. And his work win the highly praise by Italian deputy prime minister Joanne De Michaelis and the United Nations Undersecretary General Hussein Imacat.







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Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu Wang Gui Qiu

Wang Gui Qiu  

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