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Tian Shou's Biography & Awards:

Tian Shou, original name Wang Tianen, a native of Taiyuan, Shanxi, born in 1966. He graduated form Chinese Painting Class, Fine Arts Department of Tianjin Normal University. Now he is a member of Taiyuan Artists Association, deputy secretary-general of Shanxi Young Painters Association.

He is skilled in painting figures, horses and landscapes. Water villages in south of Yangtze River is mainly manifestation in his artworks, which are vividly. We will be reminded of mountains, waterfalls, woodmen, farm cattle and terraces that you are familiar with in his landscape painting. We can also see the wet air and boundless clouds in his artworks and feel his special artistic conception.



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Tian Shou Tian Shou

Tian Shou Tian Shou

Tian Shou Tian Shou

Tian Shou Tian Shou

Tian Shou  

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