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Tang Xi Bo's Biography & Awards:

Tang Xi Bo, 汤锡柏,中国书画家协会、中国硬笔书法家协会、中国教育学会书法教育研究会会员,担任新加坡新神州艺术院及香港东方文化研究院理事。主编过江西省教育院校书法教材,出版过个人书法专集。


Tang Xi Bo, a member of the Chinese Painters and Calligraphers Association, the Chinese Pen Calligraphers Association, the Chinese Education Society Calligraphy Education Research Association, director of Singapore New China Art Academy and Hong Kong Oriental Culture Research Institute. He edited the calligraphy textbooks of Jiangxi Provincial Educational Colleges and published a personal calligraphy collection.

The style of his work is graceful and elegant, simple and meaningful, it is very popular in general public even attract the foreign friends, his works are in a high level of art.


Art achievements:
- Gold Award of Chinese and foreign contemporary calligraphy artists calligraphy and painting boutique exhibition;

- Special prize of Singapore "Xing Shi Cup" Chinese fine painting and calligraphy creation competition;

- Gold Award in the Painting and Calligraphy category of "Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese National Studies";

- Gold Award of "Contemporary International Ink Painting Masters Ink Marks";

- The first prize of the National Painting and Calligraphy Contest for " Unique Landscape " on the 110th Anniversary of Mao Ze Dong's Birth;

- Gold Award of the First Global Chinese "Hundred Flowers Award" Calligraphy Art Competition;

- Golden Award of the “Famous Artists of Southeast Asian Ink Paintings".

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