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Tang Shan Quan's Biography & Awards:

Tang Shan Quan, alias Tang Fu Fa, born in Guilin in 1944. Had a preference for art from a child, he find pleasure in painting and excel in absorbing predecessors' experience and art essence then digest it and form his own unique artistic style. Good at flower&bird painting and detailed figure painting.

His works have gorgeous color and vivid modelling. He created massive outstanding works which have higher artistic taste. They were welcomed by the public and international friends.

His works repeatedly exhibited in Guilin, Nanning, Liuzhou and other cities and won honored certificate and various awards. Works were successively included in the "Contemporary Calligrapher and Painter Collection of China", "Collection of Choice Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting of China", "Outstanding Examples Collection of Artworks--Commemorate the 110 Anniversary of Comrade MAO Zedong's Birthday", "Masterpieces of Chinese Artists Classified Collection", "Chinese Outstanding Personages Collection" and "World Person Dictionary".




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Tang Shan Quan Tang Shan Quan

Tang Shan Quan Tang Shan Quan

Tang Shan Quan Tang Shan Quan

Tang Shan Quan Tang Shan Quan

Tang Shan Quan Tang Shan Quan

Tang Shan Quan  

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