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Sun Fang's Biography & Awards:

Sun Fang, also called “Shui mo xuan zhu”. He is a famous Chinese painting artist. He was born in Beijing in 1949, and he graduated from the art and calligraphy department of Tianjing Education Institute. He learned the Chinese splash-ink painting style from one of Qi Baishi’s disciple Ms. Wu Ruizhen in 1974, and the calligraphy and seal cutting from He Zhenzhong. Now he is a member of Tianjing branch of China Artists Association, and he had been a member of Zhongshan calligraphy and painting seminar before.

For more than twenty years, he devoted himself to his study and practices and developed his own unique calligraphy and painting style. As he is skilled in painting crab, he was praised as the “King of crab”.

His alias is “Sun pang xie”, but his painting subjects are not only crab, but also shrimp, grape, chrysanthemum, radish, vegetables, flowers, birds, insects, fish etc. Many of his subjects are very common in the daily life.

Sun Fang’s shrimp and crab Chinese ink-wash paintings are very special in both compositions and ink concentrations, so all his paintings are vivid, liflike and make the views want to eat them.

His Chinese bird and flower paintings are unique too. The powerful plum tree’s branches, the droplets on the lotus leaf, the lively little birds, all these are showing his deep foundation and profound artistic insight.

Lately Sun Fang held his own exhibition of paintings in Tianjing and exhibited more than one hundred paintings. His exquisite and natural paintings had very strong artistic appeal, and they were very popular.

In 1991, his artworks were selected into “China Hanyuan Stele-Forest” and “Shi Naian Big colorful Album of Paintings”.

In 1992, selected into “China Fenghuang-Cup Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition”.

In 1993, selected into “Tianjing Art works Collection”.

In 1996, his artwork “Interest” was selected into the “1st Tianjing Fan-shaped Paintings Exhibition”.

In 1998, selected into “A-thousand of China Contemporary Painters Works’ Exhibition”.

In 1999, his artwork “Great Harvest” was selected into the calligraphy and painting exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. He won the prize and certificate from National Art Museum of China.

In 2001, selected into the national exhibition in China History Museum.

In 2002, selected into “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Works Selection”.

In 2004, selected into “Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Free-style Works Collection”

In 2005, won the gold award in the Tianjing zone of “Huaxia International Exchange Art Works Competition” held by China Ministry of Culture.












1999年作品《硕果》入选中国美术馆举办的“庆祝中华人民共和国成立 50周年书画大展”并获奖牌和证书;





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