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Shen Ling Xiang's Biography & Awards:

Shen Ling Xiang, was born in 1953 in Guilin. He started to learn painting when he was 5 years old, then he learned from Dr. Tang Xuxiang who is the student of Chinese painting great master Li Keran(Dr. Tang once was the arts and crafts department head of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, and now he is one of the professors in the art department of Tsinghua University). He paid attention to the sketch and the ink changes. He has his unique artistic style.

For more than ten years, Mr. Shen seldom went out, except for sketch. He devoted himself to painting and kept some original characters. It’s extremely valuable that the artist can keep his pure personality.

In Chinese painting field, people called his Li River landscape paintings as ink-sketch style with obvious Western painting style. In the phylogeny of painting, it’s an example that Western painting has been taken into Guangxi and can be regarded as early “Ancient Li River Landscape Painting”.

There are many painters that paint Li River, but few of them paint the night scene of Li River except Shuai Chujian, who graduated from Shanghai Art Institute in 1920 and was the first person bringing Western painting into Guangxi. Mr. Shen is the second painter who can paint the night scene of Li River well. The more valuable thing is that his paintings were painted base on the sketch. When Li River painting style is on its way, Mr. Shen’s paintings have high collection value.

Mr. Shen’s paintings have the original and simple temperament. They can bring appreciators’ some kind of nostalgic feelings and give them many images. Mr. Shen’s didn’t create many artworks, some of them have been already collected by the collectors from USA, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Southeast countries and his Chinese friends.

In 2008, one of his paintings “Du Fu and His Poems” was collected at 6000rmb by Prof. Holyoak from Canada, and it was printed as the cover of his English optical disk “POEMS OF DU FU”. (2011.4)






2008年一幅作品《杜甫诗意图》被加拿大Holyoak教授以约6000元人民币收藏并印制彩頁作为其出版的英文版《POEMS OF DU FU》光碟的封面。

Shen Ling Xiang's Pictures:

Shen Ling XiangShen Ling Xiang
Shen Ling XiangShen Ling Xiang
Shen Ling Xiang 

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